Rocking System Design

Rocking System Design

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Learn system design, from building blocks to complex architectures for interviews and real world projects

What will you achieve from this course?

Welcome to Rocking System Design on AWS course:

  • Learn design building blocks such as scaling, sharding, caching, load balancing, microservices, well architected framework, security etc. all in one course
  • Master any system design using the building blocks starting from three-tier architecture, storing/retrieving images, to YouTube, IoT, Uber, Tinder, Shopify, Amazon and more
  • Tips, tricks, learning from real world Cloud Architect to use both in interviews and your real world projects
  • Learn AWS implementation of the design using Kubernetes, Lambda, EC2, API Gateway, and more

Rajdeep Saha is an AWS-Professional Certified Solutions Architect working at a leading cloud provider, he has worked in Fortune top 20 companies as Distinguished Cloud Architect. Unlike pen and paper architects, Rajdeep has designed and migrated real enterprise projects into cloud. He has published blogs, and presented well received talks in conferences. He is also the author of highly-rated “Rocking Kubernetes with Amazon EKS, Fargate, And DevOps”, “Rocking AWS Serverless – A Real World Guide”, and “Rocking AWS CloudFormation, CDK with DevOps, Interview Guide” courses on Udemy.

Rajdeep often uses real-world analogy to explain concepts in this course, which makes it easier for the students to understand and retain the knowledge. Rajdeep also presents and attends in all major cloud conferences and keeps up to date in his domain. You are in capable hands! All opinions are Rajdeep’s own.

This course has three main areas – System Design Basics, Reusable Parts of System Design, and Modern Applications System Design

Please check out the list of lectures for detailed breakdown of each area.

This is the course that could take your career to next level. Let’s have some fun and design some awesome stuff in cloud together!

What you’ll learn

  • How to answer system design interview questions
  • Learn from real world cloud architect – pros/cons of different design decisions, bad vs. good answer, pitfalls to avoid, and more
  • AWS implementation of the design using Kubernetes, Lambda, API Gateway, EC2, ALB, NLB etc.
  • Solve any system design by mastering the basics – scaling, sharding, hashing, microservices, load balancers, security, well architected framework, and more
  • Test your knowledge with up-to-date system design quizzes
Table of Contents

System Design Basics
1 Monolith vs Microservices – What and Why
2 Queues Vs PubSub
3 Streaming vs Messaging
4 SQL vs NoSQL and Aurora vs DynamoDB
5 Websockets for Server to Client Communication e.g. Chatbot
6 Caching
7 Redis Memcached Caching Strategies
8 High Availability
9 High Availability vs Fault Tolerance
10 Distributed Computing
11 Hashing
12 Microservices on AWS
13 Challenges of Hashing
14 Consistent Hashing
15 Database Sharding
16 Disaster Recovery (DR) – RPO vs RTO
17 Different Disaster Recovery (DR) Options
18 CAP Theorem
19 Course Slides
20 Load Balancing with ALB Vs. NLB
21 API and API Gateway – The Must Know for Every Design
22 Load Balancer vs API
23 Scaling – Vertical vs Horizontal
24 VM, Serverless, Container Scaling
25 Real World Scaling Interview Tips
26 Synchronous vs Event Driven Architectures

Reusable Parts of System Design
27 AWS Well Architected Framework
28 Security – Encryption at Rest & ClientServer Side Encryption
29 Security – Encryption In Transit with SSLTLSMTLS
31 IDS Vs IPS Vs Security GroupNACLs
32 Optional – Security using IAM User, Role, Group
33 Important – Three-Tier Architecture
34 Three-Tier Architecture on Serverless and Kubernetes
35 Content Based Messaging System
36 Store and Retrieve Images
37 High Priority QueuingMessaging System
38 Data Analytics & Big Data Design Patterns
39 Performance and Cost Optimization
40 Security – Authentication (Log In) & Authorization

System Design of Modern Applications
41 Important – MUST Knows for System Design Interviews
42 Design Shopify
43 Design URL ShortenerTinyURL
44 Design Amazon.comFlipcart
45 Quick Note – Using Timestamps
46 Design YouTubeNetflixPrime Video
47 Design Twitter
48 Design WhatsAppTelegramSnapchat
49 Design Tinder
50 Design Uber
51 Design FandangoTicketmasterLivenation
52 IOT System Design

53 Conclusion!