Hands-on Responsive Web Design 4: Navigation

Hands-on Responsive Web Design 4: Navigation
Hands-on Responsive Web Design 4: Navigation
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This course will teach you how to build and deploy responsive apps for several different kinds of phone, tablet, and desktop navigation schemes with HTML5, CSS3, Sass, and even a little JavaScript.

At the heart of developing any responsive website is a thorough knowledge of how to use HTML5, CSS3, and Sass. In this course, Hands-on Responsive Web Design 4: Navigation, you will learn the skills you need to build responsive navigation for single level and two level deep navigation for small screens, medium screens, and large desktops. You will use jQuery, JavaScript, icons, and Sass as you work your way through each example. You will discover the appropriate use and limitations for each navigation type. You will also explore browser support and how far back each approach will work. By the end of this course you will know how to build navigation for simple toggle, multilevel toggle, footer anchors, and icons with popups.

Table of Contents

01 - Course Overview
02 - Introduction to Responsive Navigation
03 - Building Primary and Secondary Level Navigation Using Unordered Lists
04 - Overview of Cover Navigation
05 - Small Screen Navigation
06 - Medium and Large Screen Enhancement
07 - JavaScript for the Hamburger Icon
08 - Testing
09 - Overview of Expanding Navigation
10 - Styling the Small, Medium, and Large Screens
11 - JavaScript for Switching Classes
12 - Adding CSS Grids
13 - Testing
14 - Overview of Footer Anchor Navigation
15 - Building the Small CSS
16 - Optimizing the User Experience
17 - Building the Medium CSS
18 - Testing
19 - Overview of Expanding on Touch
20 - Building the Small Screen Navigation
21 - Modifying the Navigation
22 - Testing
23 - Overview of Single Level Navigation
24 - Building the Small Screen Navigation
25 - Building the Medium Screen Navigation
26 - Building the Large Screen Navigation
27 - Testing
28 - Overview of Icon Navigation
29 - Building Small Screen Icon Navigation
30 - Building Medium Screen Icon Navigation
31 - Testing