Requirement-Driven Cloud Selection and Deployment

Requirement-Driven Cloud Selection and Deployment
Requirement-Driven Cloud Selection and Deployment
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Selecting a public cloud provider, or providers, is a complex undertaking. This course simplifies the process, offering tricks, tips, and best practices for first understanding your requirements and only then picking the platform that best meets those requirements—both now and in the future. Instructor Dave Linthicum explains how to identify what’s needed by the business and the IT team—establishing a well-defined requirements gathering process that won’t lead you down the wrong path. He also explains what to look for within cloud solutions: how to get through the marketing hype and misinformation to get to the details you really need to pick the right cloud or clouds. Plus, learn how to identify the right time to deploy your cloud architecture, integration, and migration plan.

Topics include:

  • Identifying the problems to solve
  • Performance expectations
  • Identifying requirements for storage, security, and more
  • Calculating storage capacity and costs
  • Compute types
  • Governance, policy management, and automation
  • Security types and features
  • CloudOps: Monitoring, operations, and more
  • Other cloud services
  • Going from requirements to solutions
Table of Contents

1 Intro to requirement-driven cloud selection and deployment
2 What you should know
3 Intro to requirement-driven cloud selection
4 Legacy applications
5 Legacy data
6 Existing security
7 Expected performance
8 Other things to consider
9 Storage
10 Compute
11 Governance
12 Security
13 CloudOps
14 Other services
15 How much
16 How fast
17 How costly
18 Databases
19 Storage types
20 How much
21 How fast
22 How costly
23 Compute types
24 Policy management
25 Policy integration
26 Policy automation
27 Usage tracking
28 GovOps
29 Security patterns
30 As is and to be
31 SecOps
32 Advanced features
33 Security types
34 Monitoring
35 Operations
36 Self-healing
37 Cognitive
38 Serverless
39 Containers
40 Database
41 On-premises support
42 Emerging
43 Storage requirements to solution
44 Compute requirements to solution
45 Governance requirements to solution
46 Security requirements to solution
47 Picking cloud technology
48 Next steps