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There is no better strategy for learning new technology than creating your own version. In this course we will take it to the extreme. First you start by creating your own Redux. Then, once you understand the ins and outs of Redux, you will see how to connect this interface to the JavaScript user interface. You will then see how React and Redux work together, replacing their interface with React. After that, we will look at the problems between our React and Redux implementation that will lead us to create our own version of react-redux bindings. After all this, you will get acquainted with the Redux ecosystem and create a real application.

You will be tempted to jump right into Redux when you first start using React. Do not do this. If you are already familiar with React and modern JavaScript (ES2015 +), this course is ideal for you. If not, this may be the wrong starting point.

Welcome to the Redux Course!

Just some important points before you start.

During the video we will build two projects together. The first is a simple application that will help you deal with Redux, and the second is more complex. It is probably useful to use the program with me during videos that will be fully involved. The first project can be found here – the Goals-Todos App, and the second can be found here – Redux polls. For each video there are branches and commits. If you are stuck, these branches / commits should be your first to seek help.

In this course, we talk about many advanced topics. However, this course was designed for everyone (if you are familiar with React and ES6). If something is confusing, don’t worry.

Table of Contents

Introduction, Philosophy, and Tips
What is the Store?
Project) Create Store – Getting the State
Project) Create Store – Listening to Changes
Project) Create Store – Updating the State
Project) The Reducer Function
Project) Create Store – Dispatching Changes
Project) Handling more Actions
Project) Combining Reducers
Project) Leveraging Constants
Project) Action Creators
Review – The Store, Actions, and Reducers
Project) App Scaffolding
Project) Basic UI
Project) Dispatching New Items
Project) Subscribing for UI Updates
Project) Dispatching to Remove Items
Project) This is Redux
Review – UI
Project) Customizing Dispatch
Project) Utilizing Redux Middleware
Project) Logger Middleware
Project) Adding in React
Project) Dispatching Todos with React
Project) Dispatching Goals with React
Project) Lists with React and Redux
Project) Toggling UI with Redux
Project) Handling Initial Data
Project) Loading States with Redux
Project) Optimistically Deleting Items
Project) Optimistically Toggling Todos
Project) Persisting Items
Project) Custom Thunk
Project) Thunkify Goals
Project) Thunkify Todos
Project) Thunkify Initial Data
Project) Redux Thunk Middleware
Downsides of React and Redux
React’s Context API
Project) Utilizing Context
Project) Connecting Components to the Redux Store
Project) Implementing connect
Project) Using react-redux
Project) Redux Folder Structure – Create React App
Project) Redux Folder Structure – Actions
Project) Redux Folder Structure – Reducers
Project) Redux Folder Structure – Middleware
Project) Redux Folder Structure – Components
Project) Redux Folder Structure – The Store
Why React Hooks?
Project) Refactor
Project) Introduction to Polls
Project) Starter Code
Project) Authed User
Project) Users
Project) Loading
Project) Polls
Project) Answers
Project) Shared
Project) Logger
Project) Leaderboard
Project) Dashboard
Project) Add Poll
Project) Routes
Project) Poll
Next Steps