Reconnaissance with Nmap

Reconnaissance with Nmap
Reconnaissance with Nmap
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Learn your network’s vulnerabilities via the Nmap tool-fast and easy!

Welcome to Reconnaissance with Nmap. This course is built around you and your goals with ethical hacking and penetration testing, and gives you the skills you need and an understanding of how Nmap works behind the scenes. This course is hands-on: no PowerPoint slides or complex explanations. If you are interested in pentesting and want to learn the art of reconnaissance, then you have come to the right place. Your knowledge gain will be enhanced by working with the Nmap hands-on, right away.

To get the most out of this course, you should be comfortable using the command line interface (CLI), and ideally have a basic understanding of TCP-IP.

What You Will Learn

  • Major network protocols: UPNP, DHCP, SMB, HTTP, DNS and how to use their weaknesses and discover valuable information on the network you wish to pentest
  • Discover hosts on the network
  • Scan for open, closed, filtered, and unfiltered ports
  • Practice the best discovery Nmap scripts
Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 First Set Up
3 Nmap Help

4 TCP-IP part 1
5 TCP-IP part 2
6 TCP-IP part 3

Host Discovery
7 Ports
8 Timing Options
9 Max RTT Timeout
10 Host Discovery
11 Customise ICMP
12 Customise TCP Ping
13 TCP Ping +ARP
14 ARP Table
15 Scan from a text List
16 Output scan results to a text file

Port Scanning
17 TCP connect scan
18 TCP Syn Scan
19 TCP ACK Scan
20 Xmas Scan
21 FIN or SYN
22 Customise TCP flags with Scan Flags Option
23 UDP Scan+Max Retries option

Service version and OS detection
24 Service Version + intensity
25 Operating system detection

Evading Firewalls
26 Evading Firewalls part 1
27 Evading Firewalls part 2

28 Verbosity, Debugging and Reason options

Nmap Scripts for reconnaissance
29 Intro to scripts
30 SNMP intro + Find users script
31 SNMP Computer info script
32 SNMP interfaces script
33 SNMP Software info script
34 NetBios Name
35 SMB Intro + Grab info script
36 SMB Shares script
37 HTTP Enumeration script + web server vulnerability
38 DNS Cache Snoop Script
39 DHCP Discover script
40 UPNP Info script