Real-World Bootstrap

Real-World Bootstrap
Real-World Bootstrap
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Quickly prototype front-end applications in style

A unique online presence is becoming increasingly important as more developers rely on Bootstrap as the scaffold for their frontend projects. Learn how you can use Bootstrap the right way, reducing page load times and customising functionality on top of the core framework so that you (and your business) can stand out from the crowd.

This path navigates across the following products (in sequential order):

  • Rapid Bootstrap (35m)
  • Building a Responsive Application with Bootstrap (3h 10m)
  • Web Development with AngularJS and Bootstrapt (1h 48m)
Table of Contents

Rapid Bootstrap
2.Integrating a Text Editor
3.Using the Bootstrap Grid to Set the Layout and Navigation
4.Custom Webfonts
5.Adding the Hero Unit
6.Bootstrap Thumbnails
7.Adding Custom Color and Style to the Site
8.Styling the Hero Using Bootstrap Variables

Building a Responsive Application with Bootstrap
9.The Course Overview
10.Setting Up Our Project
11.Creating a Login Page
12.Working with Forms in Bootstrap
13.Designing Efficient Forms
14.Building Layouts with Bootstrap
15.Custom Layouts and Bootstrap
16.Creating a Dashboard Page
17.Creating Our First Table View
18.Tables and Bootstrap
19.Advanced Tables
20.Working with Bootstrap JS plugins
21.Most Popular Third-party JS plugins
22.Making Our App More Responsive
23.Difference between Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4
24.Migrating Our App to Bootstrap 4
25.Using New Bootstrap 4 Components
26.Final Steps

Web Development with AngularJS and Bootstrap
27.Course Overview
28.Using AngularJS with Bootstrap
29.Getting started; “Hello, World”
30.Introducing the Input
31.Validating Inputs
32.Taking a Closer Look at ngModel
33.Bonus- Angular-Better-Placeholders for Open Source UX
34.Conditionally Disabling Buttons
35.Dealing with Forms
36.Submitting a Form via Ajax
37.Submission Feedback
38.Routing – What, Why, and How
39.Routing Events
40.Sharing Data between Routes
41.Bonus – Animating the Route Changes
42.ngRepeat – What and How
43.Filters for Display
44.Advanced Repeating
45.An Introduction to AngularStrap
46.Using AngularStrap 2