React.js: Getting Started

React.js: Getting Started
React.js: Getting Started
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Learn the basics of React.js, and build an in-browser, math skills kids' game from scratch with it.

This course covers the basics of React.js and prepares the student to start developing web applications with the library. React.js is a an open-source JavaScript library for creating user interfaces with a focus on the UI that's abstracted from the DOM, and a one-way reactive data flow. The course will explain using an example web application how to use React.js. The application will be a simple in-browser, math skills kids' game.

Table of Contents

1 Course-Overview

2 Introduction
3 Your-First-Component
4 Reusable-Components
5 Summary

6 Introduction
7 Build-a-Github-Card-Component
8 Taking-Input-from-the-User
9 Summary

10 Introduction
11 The-Main-Game-Component
12 The-Stars-Button-and-Answer-Frames
13 Random-Number-of-Stars
14 The-Numbers-Frame
15 Summary

16 Introduction
17 The-State-of-Selected-Numbers
18 Selecting-a-Number
19 Changing-The-Answer
20 Enhancing-the-UI
21 Summary

22 Introduction
23 Verifying-an-Answer
24 Accepting-an-Answer
25 Redraws
26 The-Done-Status
27 Winning-and-Losing-the-Game
28 Summary