React.js: Building an Interface

React.js: Building an Interface

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React is a JavaScript library with reusable components and a unique data rendering approach. Web interfaces that you create with React are flexible, fast, and lightweight. In this course, instructor Ray Villalobos reviews component architecture in React and covers key skills that you need to be able to build interfaces. Ray steps through how to install React and get started with components, debugging, and variables. He explains how you can pass data to a component, use the useState hook and conditional classes, and toggle items by passing the state to a sub-component and using values to hide or show sub-components. Ray describes how you can delete records, search with a filtered array, set up a sort, and more. He shows how you can finish up your application by creating the code for adding appointments.

Table of Contents

1 Why React is so important
2 Exercise files
3 Installing requirements
4 React installation
5 Customizing your installs
6 Using React icon components
7 Installing Tailwind CSS in React
8 Your first component
9 Creating a sub-component Hooks
10 Getting appointments and debugging
11 Importing JSON data as a variable
12 Passing data to a component
13 The useState Hook and conditional classes
14 Passing state and hiding components
15 useEffect and useCallback Hooks
16 Deleting records
17 Searching with a filtered array
18 Setting up a sort
19 Programming the sorting interface
20 Adding a new appointment
21 Next steps