Reactive Swift 4 Programming

Reactive Swift 4 Programming
Reactive Swift 4 Programming
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Leverage the power of RxSwift to develop responsive iOS application

The Reactive approach will help you to write clean, cohesive, resilient, scalable, and maintainable code.Rx Swift belongs to a large family of Rx implementations in different programming languages that all share an almost identical syntax and semantics. We will introduce you to the world of Reactive programming, primarily focusing on mobile platforms. We tell you how you can benefit from using Rx Swift in your projects, existing or new.

We are going to build a simple application that allows people to look up any movie and add it to a favourites list. With this app we will be able to utilize RxSwift to react in real-time to any business logic that could be done through server-side with Google Firebase.

The course will demonstrate how unbelievably easy it is to configure asynchronous behavior and other app aspects that are traditionally considered to be hard to implement and maintain. It explains what Rx is made of, and how to switch to the Reactive way of thinking to get the most out of it.

This video is a definitive tutorial on Functional Reactive Programming with Swift filled with well-described examples. We quickly get up to speed with some lesser known Swift concepts such as closures and key differences in Swift 4 so that all viewers are on the same page with Swift 4 knowledge.

What You Will Learn

  • Build a complete responsive app with Rx Swift
  • Use data with asynchronous logic with RxSwift
  • Explore the workings of the Model-View-Controller architecture
  • Create a UI using the storyboard and make the most out of constraints
  • Handle navigation by using the navigation controller
  • Handle and display data with the table view controller
  • Use Google Firebase for a server-side backend
  • Publish an app and the necessary prerequisites
  • Debug and test your Rx Code
Table of Contents

Getting Started with RxSwift
1 The Course Overview
2 What is Reactive Programming
3 Setting Up the Development Environment
4 Using CocoaPods to Install RxSwift
5 Introduction to the Model-View-Controller

Designing an App with RxSwift
6 Introducing RxSwift
7 The Storyboard
8 Running the App
9 Designing under Auto Layout
10 Using the Navigation Controller
11 Displaying Data

Making the App’s Logic Reactive
12 Sequences and Observables
13 RxSwift Basic Operators
14 RxSwift Time Based Operators
15 Making a ReactiveUI

Working with Data in Our App
16 Using a HTTP API
17 Introduction to Firebase
18 Writing to Firebase
19 Reading from Firebase

Migration and Testing
20 Testing Core Functionality
21 Testing User Interface
22 Putting It All Together
23 Publishing