React: Using TypeScript

React: Using TypeScript
React: Using TypeScript
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TypeScript offers developers a more structured approach to JavaScript application development, and is a natural fit for the build processes most React developers are already using. Combining the component approach in React with the discipline of TypeScript enables you to build clean web applications that will be easier to maintain over time. In this course, instructor Emmanuel Henri explains shows how to use TypeScript with React. He starts with a review of basic and complex types and functional and stateful components. Then he shows how to use TypeScript interfaces to improve your React code. Finally, learn how to implement higher-order components to reuse components while adding new functionality.

Topics include:

  • Basic and complex types
  • Functional/stateless components
  • Class/stateful components
  • Interfaces with React and TypeScript
  • Implementing higher-order components
Table of Contents

1 Create web apps using the React component approach with TypeScript
2 What you should know

Setup and Basics
3 Initialize a React project
4 Install TypeScript

First Steps React and TypeScript
5 Introduction to TypeScript with React
6 Basic types
7 Other complex types
8 Functional stateless component intro
9 Functional stateless component syntax
10 Class stateful component intro
11 Class stateful component syntax

Interfaces with React TS
12 Introduction to interface
13 Define our state
14 Review best practices interfaces

Highere-Order Components in TypeScript
15 Overview of higher-order components (HOCs)
16 Implement HOCs in TypeScript
17 HOCs best practices

18 Next steps