React Native With An Express/MongoDB Backend

React Native With An Express/MongoDB Backend
React Native With An Express/MongoDB Backend
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Develop and deploy React Native mobile apps powered by a Node, Express and MongoDB server

Anybody who comes from a web background understands that native mobile development is far more complicated. HTML/CSS takes minutes to learn, whereas getting your head around iOS development can take months.

One might also miss the beauty of front-end web frameworks like React; much care must be taken to instil a native mobile app with an organised and meaningful architecture.

Fortunately there is React Native: a framework which enables developers to build their apps with a markup language and stylesheet syntax mimicking that of the web, while bringing all the structure of React with it.

Building apps with React Native, developers have access to the rich ecosystem of open-source Node libraries. What's more, Node is great for server-side development (we'll be using express), and having your front-end and back-end developed in the same language is wonderful. To compound that, we'll be using MongoDB as a database, which reads and writes Javascript objects; communicating between the database, server, and app will be seamless.

By the end of this course you'll be familiar enough with React Native and Node to begin building the entire stack of your next application with it, on your own.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

Introduction To Node
2 Installing Node
3 Introduction To Node
4 Introduction To NPM
5 Introduction To Express
6 Installing MongoDB
7 Introduction To MongoDB

Introduction To React Native
8 Important Note.html
9 Your First React Native Application
10 React Native Styles
11 Syntax Highlighting Aside
12 React Native Components
13 Component State
14 Atom Snippets
15 React Native Navigation

Introduction To Redux
16 Intro To Redux Store
17 Intro To Redux Actions
18 Redux Counter Store
19 Redux Counter Actions

Redux To-Do List
20 Redux To-Do List Application Layout
21 Creating And Deleting To-Dos
22 Redux Persistence
23 Boilerplate Code

Intro To Authentication
24 Authentication Setup
25 Signing Up
26 Protecting Routes
27 Signing In
28 Authentication Server Boilerplate

Online To-Do List Authentication
29 Note on redux-form.html
30 Login View
31 Login Form
32 Login Flow
33 Displaying Alerts
34 Talking To Server
35 Note on react-native-keychain.html
36 Saving To Keychain
37 Loading Indicator

Online To-Do List To-Dos
38 Application Layout
39 To-Do List View
40 New To-Do View
41 Creating To-Dos
42 Getting To-Dos
43 Deleting To-Dos

Deploying Your Backend
44 Deploying Database To mLab
45 Deploying Server To Heroku