React: Cloud-Powered Apps with Firebase

React: Cloud-Powered Apps with Firebase

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Modern web applications require more than just your React code. You need hosting, APIs, authentication, and automatic deployments. You need to build apps fast, without managing infrastructure. Firebase allows you to do exactly that. Backed by Google Cloud Platform and used by some of the largest apps today, Firebase is a suite of tools to help build and scale your web application. In this course, instructor Victor Mejia goes over the different services provided by Firebase, as well as how to work with them to build a serverless application.

To begin, Victor takes a look at the Firebase console and how it can help you manage different Firebase projects. He then demonstrates how to use Firebase Authentication to add authentication to your app; store data using Firebase Cloud Firestore; and deploy your app using Firebase Hosting. Plus, see how to create your own serverless functions using Firebase Cloud Functions.

+ Table of Contents

1 Structuring your apps for the cloud
2 What you should know
3 Using the exercise files
4 Installing tools and CLIs
5 Generating a new React application
6 Overview of the Firebase console
7 Configuring your web application
8 Firebase Authentication setup
9 Creating users
10 Displaying current user
11 Redirect user upon signup
12 User logout
13 User login
14 Authenticated user redirect
15 Challenge Authentication redirect
16 Solution Authentication redirect
17 Cloud Firestore intro
18 Cloud Firestore setup
19 Deploying security rules for Cloud Firestore
20 Creating documents
21 Displaying user document
22 Updating user documents, part 1
23 Updating user documents, part 2
24 Cloud Storage setup
25 Cloud Storage security rules
26 Profile image upload form
27 File upload trigger
28 Cloud Storage file upload
29 Challenge Monitor upload progress
30 Solution Upload progress
31 Firebase ID tokens
32 Setting Firebase custom claims
33 Admin interface Users page
34 Admin interface Read user collection
35 Admin interface Render user collection
36 Challenge View user profile with admin
37 Solution View user profile with admin
38 Cloud Functions setup
39 Cloud Functions Email setup
40 Cloud Functions Authentication trigger
41 Firebase Hosting setup
42 Deploying your React app
43 Next steps