R Programming A-Z™: R For Data Science With Real Exercises!

R Programming A-Z™: R For Data Science With Real Exercises!

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Learn Programming In R And R Studio. Data Analytics, Data Science, Statistical Analysis, Packages, Functions, GGPlot2

Learn R Programming by doing!

There are lots of R courses and lectures out there. However, R has a very steep learning curve and students often get overwhelmed. This course is different!

This course is truly step-by-step. In every new tutorial we build on what had already learned and move one extra step forward.

After every video you learn a new valuable concept that you can apply right away. And the best part is that you learn through live examples.

This training is packed with real-life analytical challenges which you will learn to solve. Some of these we will solve together, some you will have as homework exercises.

In summary, this course has been designed for all skill levels and even if you have no programming or statistical background you will be successful in this course!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to program in R at a good level
  • Learn how to use R Studio
  • Learn the core principles of programming
  • Learn how to create vectors in R
  • Learn how to create variables
  • Learn about integer, double, logical, character and other types in R
  • Learn how to create a while() loop and a for() loop in R
  • Learn how to build and use matrices in R
  • Learn the matrix() function, learn rbind() and cbind()
  • Learn how to install packages in R
  • Learn how to customize R studio to suit your preferences
  • Understand the Law of Large Numbers
  • Understand the Normal distribution
  • Practice working with statistical data in R
  • Practice working with financial data in R
  • Practice working with sports data in R
Table of Contents

Hit The Ground Running
1 Welcome to the R Programming Course!
2 Updates on Udemy Reviews
3 Installing R and R Studio (MAC & Windows)
4 BONUS Learning Paths
5 Exercise – Get Excited!
6 Get the materials
7 Some Additional Resources!!
8 BONUS Interview with Hadley Wickham
9 Your Shortcut To Becoming A Better Data Scientist!

Core Programming Principles
10 Welcome to this section. This is what you will learn!
11 Types of variables
12 Using Variables
13 Logical Variables and Operators
14 The While Loop
15 Using the console
16 The For Loop
17 The If statement
18 Section Recap
19 HOMEWORK Law of Large Numbers

Fundamentals Of R
20 Welcome to this section. This is what you will learn!
21 What is a Vector
22 Let’s create some vectors
23 Using the [] brackets
24 Vectorized operations
25 The power of vectorized operations
26 Functions in R
27 Packages in R
28 Section Recap
29 HOMEWORK Financial Statement Analysis

30 Welcome to this section. This is what you will learn!
31 Project Brief Basketball Trends
32 Matrices
33 Building Your First Matrix
34 Naming Dimensions
35 Colnames() and Rownames()
36 Matrix Operations
37 Visualizing With Matplot()
38 Subsetting
39 Visualizing Subsets
40 Creating Your First Function
41 Basketball Insights
42 Section Recap
43 HOMEWORK Basketball Free Throws

Data Frames
44 Welcome to this section. This is what you will learn!
45 Project Brief Demographic Analysis
46 Importing data into R
47 Exploring your dataset
48 Using the $ sign
49 Basic operations with a Data Frame
50 Filtering a Data Frame
51 Introduction to qplot
52 Visualizing With Qplot Part I
53 Building Dataframes
54 Merging Data Frames
55 Visualizing With Qplot Part II
56 Section Recap
57 HOMEWORK World Trends

Advanced Visualization With GGPlot2
58 Welcome to this section. This is what you will learn!
59 Project Brief Movie Ratings
60 Grammar Of Graphics – GGPlot2
61 What is a Factor
62 Aesthetics
63 Plotting With Layers
64 Overriding Aesthetics
65 Mapping vs Setting
66 Histograms and Density Charts
67 Starting Layer Tips
68 Statistical Transformations
69 Using Facets
70 Coordinates
71 Perfecting By Adding Themes
72 Section Recap
73 HOMEWORK Movie Domestic % Gross

Homework Solutions
74 Homework Solution Section 2 Law Of Large Numbers
75 Homework Solution Section 3 Financial Statement Analysis
76 Homework Solution Section 4 Basketball Free Throws
77 Homework Solution Section 5 World Trends
78 Homework Solution Section 6 Movie Domestic % Gross (Part 1)
79 Homework Solution Section 6 Movie Domestic % Gross (Part 2)
80 THANK YOU bonus video

Bonus Tutorials
81 BoxPlots