R Data Science Code Challenges

R Data Science Code Challenges

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Want to test—and develop—your R data-engineering skills? Join instructor Mark Niemann-Ross in this Code Challenges course as he presents short, bite-sized challenges you can use to practice R programming. Each video is less than four minutes and self-contained, so you can skip around and watch the videos in any order. Mark shares his solutions for every problem, most of which contain fewer than 10 lines of code. Whether you’re a new programmer looking to practice, or an experienced developer who wants to work on some challenges, this short course will give you a chance to sharpen your skills.

Table of Contents

1 Practice with R programming

1. Import Data
2 Import the World Population database
3 tryCatch()
4 Excel

2. Clean Data
6 Password validator
7 Subsetting
8 Join two datasets

3. Manipulate Data
9 Use SQL with R
10 Tidyverse
11 Restore missing data
12 Create a random door code

4. Visualize Data
13 Play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock in R
14 Build a word cloud
15 Use clustering to show relationships

5. Work with R Packages
16 Tell a joke