Python vs. JavaScript for Development

Python vs. JavaScript for Development

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Python and JavaScript are two of the most popular programming languages used by developers, analysts, and data scientists alike. But how do you know which language to use for specific projects or tasks? In this course, longtime instructor and software engineer Julie Nisbet answers this question and provides you with the tools you need to decide between these languages when approaching different projects. Julie starts by exploring the history of each language and how they operate. She then discusses key considerations when picking between each language for a project or task. Julie continues by reviewing key differences between the two programming languages, and closes by exploring various use cases for Python and JavaScript. Upon completing this course, you’ll feel prepared to determine whether Python or JavaScript is best for you based on the project at hand.

Table of Contents

1 Python vs. JavaScript

1. Powerful Programming Languages
2 What is a programming language
3 Different programming paradigms
4 A short history of Python
5 A short history of JavaScript
6 Common Python applications
7 Common JavaScript applications

2. Evaluating Which Language to Use
8 Key considerations
9 JavaScript programs Browser vs. Node
10 Python programs Anaconda vs. CPython

3. Key Differences
11 Basic syntax “Hello World” in Python vs. JavaScript
12 Data types and variables Python vs. JavaScript
13 Code blocks Python vs. JavaScript
14 Functions Python vs. JavaScript

4. Use Cases
15 Common use cases
16 Back-end development Python vs. JavaScript
17 Front-end development Python vs. JavaScript
18 Data science Python vs. JavaScript
19 Career opportunities in JavaScript
20 Career opportunities in Python

Moving Forward
21 What to do next