Python for Students

Python for Students
Python for Students
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There is no better time to learn Python than when you are young. Python is a powerful language for automation, game development, and web programming, and a great choice if you’re just starting to learn how to write code. The skills you learn in Python can translate C++, Ruby, and JavaScript. In this course—designed specifically for high-school and college-age students—you can learn how to use Python at an introductory level. Explore variables and functions, calculations, if-else statements, loops, and lists, and then build a complete Python project. Plus, find out where to go to learn more and how to join the Python community.

Topics include:

  • Getting set up on Mac and Windows
  • Python data types
  • Creating variables and functions
  • Building your first loop
  • Creating if and if-else statements
  • Writing your first Python project
  • Learning more about Python
Table of Contents

1 Python for students
2 What is Python
3 Why should you learn it
4 What can you do with Python
5 Getting set up on a Mac
6 Getting set up on a PC using Windows
7 Python 2 versus Python 3
8 Using the Python shell
9 Saving and running Python files
10 Numbers and basic calculations
11 Strings
12 Creating variables
13 Creating functions
14 Putting it all together
15 What are lists
16 Creating your first loop
17 Ranges
18 Using if
19 Adding an else
20 Putting it all together
21 Mini programming project
22 Drawing a line
23 Drawing a circle
24 Putting it all together with pizza
25 Choosing an editor
26 Python resources
27 Stack Overflow
28 Reddit
29 Slack groups
30 Next steps