Python Code Challenges

Python Code Challenges
Python Code Challenges
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Want to test your Python skills? These concise challenges let you stretch your brain and test your talents. Instructor Barron Stone shares over a dozen Python challenges, as well as his own solutions to each problem—the majority of which are less than two dozen lines of code. You can tackle each problem using the tools in the Python standard library, or opt for the library of your choice. And since each challenge is self-contained, you can complete the course in any order—and at your own pace. Tune in to get the hands-on practice you need to keep your skills sharp.

Table of Contents

1 Put your Python skills to the test
2 Find prime factors
3 Identify a palindrome
4 Sort a string
5 Find all list items
6 Play the waiting game
7 Save a dictionary
8 Set an alarm
9 Send an email
10 Simulate dice
11 Count unique words
12 Generate a password
13 Merge CSV files
14 Solve a Sudoku
15 Build a ZIP archive
16 Download sequential files