Python eCommerce | Build a Django eCommerce Web Application

Python eCommerce | Build a Django eCommerce Web Application
Python eCommerce | Build a Django eCommerce Web Application
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Launch your business by learning to build your own eCommerce app step-by-step.

What used to take a big team of people can now be accomplished by you and you alone. It's all thanks to the massive improvements to what programming languages can do. Python is the perfect beginner's starting point because it's simple to understand while being powerful enough for experts to build self-driving cars and AI systems.

This course leverages Python to build a fully functioning eCommerce website and application using the Django framework.

Why Django and why now?

  • Django is built for speed. Both in functionality and in development time.
  • Some of the top tech companies are build on Django: Instagram and Pinterest to name a couple.
  • Django is written in Python and therefore it helps you further master Python.
  • Huge support from developers around the world. Run into an issue with something in python or Django? A quick google search will likely yield an answer (if not, I'll try to help you out too)

Python is the easiest to start with AND it's made for the pros (such as building Artificial Intelligence)

What You Will Learn

  • Learn the ins and outs of Python's popular library Django
  • Django version 1.11
  • Payment Integration using Stripe
  • Email Marketing Integration using Mailchimp
  • Going Live using the host Heroku
  • Adding a custom domain and implement HTTPs (using Let's Encrypt)
  • Learn Bootstrap Version 4 basics (including Django Integration)
  • jQuery Fast Track Section (learn the basics)
  • Build a REST API
  • Build custom analytics
  • Create a custom user model
  • Guest Checkout
  • Integrate Email for notifications
  • Learning how to use Signals in Django
  • Build an internal Search Engine
  • Learn AJAX and Asynchronous Programing with Django and Javascript (jQuery)
  • Digital item sales and downloads
Table of Contents

Getting Started
1 Welcome to Getting Started with eCommerce
2 Software
3 System Setup
4 Open Source and Our Contribution
5 Using GitHub
6 Live Walkthrough
7 Where to Get Help

Hello World
8 Intro
9 A Fresh Virtualenv
10 Hello World
11 Render HTML
12 Django Template
13 Template Context
14 HTML Form
15 Django Forms
16 User Login
17 User Register
18 Setup Serve Local Static Media Files

Products Component
19 Intro
20 Your First App Module
21 Understanding CRUD
22 Product Model
23 Django Admin
24 List View
25 Detail View
26 ImageField FileField
27 Understanding Lookups
28 Custom Model Managers
29 Featured Custom QuerySets
30 SlugField Signals
31 Product URLs

32 Intro
33 Base Template
34 Include Tag
35 Pass Arguments with Include
36 Reusable List View Snippets
37 Reverse for URLs
38 Navbar
39 Template Filters
40 ForLoop Counter Cycle

Bootstrap Framework
41 Intro
42 Adding Bootstrap
43 Container vs Container-Fluid
44 Rows and Columns
45 Column Sizing
46 Offsets Ordering
47 Designing for Different Browser Sizes with Breakpoints
48 Spacing with Margin Padding
49 Navbar
50 Prepare for Integration
51 Integrate to Django

Search Component
52 Intro
53 A Basic Search View
54 Display the Query to the User
55 Creating the Search Form
56 Better Lookups with Q
57 Tag Component
58 Shell Commands for a Brief Intro to Foreign Keys
59 Search by Related Model

Cart Component
60 Intro
61 Cart App
62 Django Sessions
63 Cart Model
64 Create a Cart in the View
65 Cart Model Manager Part 1
66 Cart Model Manager Part 2
67 M2M Changed Signal to Calculate Cart Total
68 Cart Update View
69 Add to Cart Form
70 Display Cart
71 Remove Items from the Cart
72 Cart Icon Font Awesome

Checkout Process
73 Intro
74 The Roadmap for the Checkout Process
75 The Order Component
76 Generate the Order ID
77 Calculate the Order Total
78 Checkout View
79 Math with Decimals and Floats in Python
80 Upgrading Auth to Prep for Checkout
81 Billing Profile Model
82 Billing Profile in the Checkout View
83 Guest Checkout Profile
84 Associate Billing Profile to Order
85 Order Manager
86 Billing Profile Manager
87 Addresses App
88 Address App Part 2
89 Associate Addresses to Order
90 Finalize Checkout
91 Reuse Addresses for Checkout
92 Checkout Success

Fast Track to jQuery
93 Intro
94 Getting Started
95 A Basic Selector
96 Selectors Part 2
97 Content Overflow Part 1
98 Data Types Iteration and Conditionals
99 Content Overflow Part 2
100 Click Events
101 Handling form data in jQuery

Products Async
102 Intro
103 Sync vs Async
104 Ajax-ify a Form
105 Handle Ajax in Django with JsonResponse
106 Cart Item Count
107 Refresh Cart Ajax
108 Refresh Cart Ajax Part 2
109 Refresh Cart Ajax Part 3
110 Finalize Cart Updating with Ajax
111 Auto Search
112 Display Errors with jQuery Confirm
113 Ajaxify the Contact Form Part 1
114 Ajaxify the Contact Form Part 2
115 Custom eCommerce JS
116 Ajax CSRF Security for Django

Custom User Model
117 Intro
118 Before we get started
119 Create the Abstract Base User
120 Create the User Model Manager
121 Change Default Auth User Model to our Custom Model
122 Reload the Database with Fixtures
123 Forms Admin for our Custom User
124 Add a Required Field to the User Model
125 Update Login Register Forms
126 Login Register Views

Custom Analytics
127 Intro
128 Getting Started
129 Craft the Object Viewed Model
130 Get Client IP Address
131 A Custom Signal
132 Object Viewed Mixin
133 Handle the Object Viewed Signal
134 Handling and Ending User Sessions

Stripe Integration
135 Intro
136 Getting Started
137 Create Stripe Customer
138 Payment Method View Stripe JS
139 Improving Payment Method Form
140 Improving Payment Method Form Part 2
141 Reusable Stripe Module
142 Add Card to Customer with Stripe
143 Save Card in Django
144 Charge the Customer
145 Putting it All Together
146 Guest Card Checkout
147 Changing Payment Methods
148 Improving Card UI Part 1
149 Improving Card UI Part 2

Mailchimp Integration
150 Intro
151 The Value of Email
152 Marketing vs Transactional Email
153 Setup API Keys
154 Marketing App
155 Mailchimp Class Part 1
156 Mailchimp Class Part 2
157 Mailchimp Class Part 3
158 Django Mailchimp
159 User Email Marketing Preference View
160 Mailchimp Webhook Handler

Go Live
161 Local vs Production Environments
162 New Settings Module
163 Multiple Settings Modules
164 Prepare for HTTPs
165 The gitignore File
166 Requirements File
167 Setup Git Version Control
168 Deploy to Heroku
169 AWS S3 for Static Files
170 Add Custom Domain HTTPs on Heroku
171 Live Environment Variables
172 Error Views and Templates
173 Setup Email to Help Solve Server Errors
174 Using Heroku Locally

Account Settings
175 User Account Home
176 Naming Dropdown
177 Account Bootstrap Cards
178 Link Account Bootstrap Cards
179 Password Reset and Change
180 send_email and get_template
181 Email Activation
182 Custom QuerySet for Confirmable Activations
183 Email Activation View
184 Email Reactivation
185 Improved Login Form View
186 Login Form for Confirmation Emails
187 Upgrading the Guest Checkout Form
188 Edit Account Details
189 User Product History View
190 Orders Order Detail

Selling Digital Items
191 Digital Products Cart
192 Shipping-less Checkout
193 Product Purchases
194 Handling Products Being Purchased
195 Display of Refunded Items
196 library View
197 Library View for Products Only
198 Product File Model
199 Changing File Field Storage to Protected Location
200 Download Product File Part 1
201 Download Product File Part 2
202 Perform the File Download
203 Checking Download Permissions
204 In Library Display Part 1
205 In Library Display Part 2 with Ajax
206 AWS S3 File Upload
207 Fixing the Upload Path
208 Creating the AWS Download Class
209 Using the AWS Download Client
210 A Custom Filename

Graphs and Sales
211 Setup the View
212 Add Context for the Order Data
213 Intuitive Recent Order Total
214 Aggregate Annotate
215 Get Data by Custom QuerySet
216 Intro to Datetime Module
217 Filter by Range of Time
218 Chart-js Intro
219 Using Ajax to Render Charts
220 Display True Data
221 Cleanup
222 Inline Js to External

Thank you
223 Thank you Next Steps