Python Basics: With Illustrations From The Financial Markets

Python Basics: With Illustrations From The Financial Markets

English | 2022 | ISBN: 979-8351822846 | 321 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 10 MB

This book grew out of the EPAT lectures that we have been conducting in Python for a number of years. These notes give us the freedom to marinate on some concepts a little longer and fill in on gaps that arise in the lecture format.

We hope that our writing is compact and adequate for you, the reader, to obtain a greater understanding of the language and some of its essential libraries. We expect that for the interested reader, this book would be among the first of many books or blogs that you would read on Python.

Who should read this?

We think it should be useful to anyone who wants a brief introduction to Python and the key components of its data science stack, and Python programmers who want a quick refresher on using Python for data analysis.

We do not expect any of our readers to have a formal background in computer science, although some familiarity with programming would be nice to have. The concepts and ideas here are covered with several examples to help connect theory to practice.