Python 3 Adventures: Learn Python 3 in Fun way

Python 3 Adventures: Learn Python 3 in Fun way
Python 3 Adventures: Learn Python 3 in Fun way
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Learn Python 3 with adventures with Turtle, Pygame, Pillow, and text based game

Learn Python 3 and acquire employers’ one of the most requested skills of 21st Century! An expert level Python Professional can earn minimum $100000 (that’s five zeros after 1) in today’s economy.

This is the most comprehensive, yet straight-forward course for the Python 3 on Udemy! Whether you have never worked with Python before, already know basics of Python, or want to learn the advanced features of Python 3, this course is for you! In this course we will teach you Python 3, Jupyter, pillow, turtle, and pygame.

(Note, we also provide you PDFs, Python 3 code files, and Jupyter Notebooks in case you need them)

With over 25 lectures and more than 2 hours of video this comprehensive course leaves no stone unturned in teaching youPython 3, Pandas with pygame, turtle, and pillow!

This course will teach you Python 3 in a very practical manner, with every lecture comes a programming video and a corresponding Jupyter notebook that has Python 3 code! Learn in whatever manner is the best for you!

We will start by helping you get Python3 and other libraries installed on your Windows computer and Raspberry Pi.

We cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Installation of Python 3 on Windows
  • Setting up Raspberry Pi
  • Tour of Python 3 environment on Raspberry Pi
  • Jupyter installation and basics
  • turtle programming with recursion
  • Image processing with Pillow
  • Game programming with pygame
  • GUI with Tkinter
  • Text based adventure game programming

What you’ll learn

  • Python 3 Setup
  • Raspberry Pi Setup
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Pip and PyPI
  • Turtle
  • Pygame and snake
  • Pillow and Image Processing
  • Text Adventure in Python 3
Table of Contents

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Python 3 on Windows
2 Install Python 3 on Windows
3 Verify Python 3 environment on Windows

Python 3 on Raspberry Pi
4 What is Raspberry Pi
5 Unboxing of Raspberry Pi 3 B+
6 URLs for downloads of Software
7 Raspbian OS Setup on Raspberry Pi Part 1
8 Raspbian OS Setup on Raspberry Pi Part 2
9 Remote Desktop with VNC
10 Linux Commands used in the section
11 Python 3 on Raspberry Pi

Python 3 Basics
12 Hello World! on Windows
13 Hello World! on Raspberry Pi
14 Interpreter vs Script Mode
16 RPi vs PC

Pip and PyPI
17 Pip and PyPI
18 pip on Windows
19 pip on Raspberry Pi

Jupyter Notebook
20 Jupyter and IPython
21 Jupyter Installation on Windows
22 Jupyter Installation on Raspberry Pi
23 Remote connection with PuTTY
24 Connect to a remote Jupyter Notebook
25 A brief tour of Jupyter
26 Notes for this section

Python Turtle Programming
27 Simple Graphics
28 Simple Recursion
29 Tree with Recursion
30 Enhanced Tree with Recursion
31 Koch Fractal
32 Snowflake

Downloadable Code Files