Python 101 for Network Engineers

Python 101 for Network Engineers
Python 101 for Network Engineers
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Python 101 for Network Engineers is focused towards building your first steps in Network programming using Python. This is a beginner level course. Python is a high level programming language that supports sequential as well as object oriented based coding. This makes python an ideal choice of language for network engineers as they are familiar with the device cli cmds. This course walks you through all the fundamental components of python that one needs to start coding using Python. Unlike any introductory programming course, Python 101 starts with simple data types and gradually dives into object oriented programming in Python with network applications wherever possible. Course Goal is to equip an individual with basic knowledge of python and allow them to create scripts applicable to the network.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Strings, Integers & Raw Input

Data Sets & Tools
3 List, Tuples & Dictionary
4 Condition & Loops
5 Functions & Modules

Object Oriented Programming
6 Error Handling, Classes & Objects
7 Device SSH using Python