Protractor: End to End testing framework for AngularJS Apps

Protractor: End to End testing framework for AngularJS Apps
Protractor: End to End testing framework for AngularJS Apps
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Protractor Tutorials on End-to-End testing on AngularJS websites. A wrapper over Selenium WebDriverJS library.

With a sudden increase in AngularJS websites current market demand is moving towards Protractor for automation. Now before we proceed further we first need to understand what exactly is Protractor?

Protractor is an end to end testing framework specially designed to perform automation testing on AngularJS based web applications. Protractor API works as a wrapper over the most powerful Selenium WebDriver API and is built on top of WebDriverJS that uses native events and browser specific drivers to interact with web based application as a normal user would do.

There's a massive increase in locator strategies in Protractor which also allows you to test AngularJS specific elements including the existing locator that we get from WebDriver API without configuring or putting any extra effort. Waits and Syncs are handled in a more effective manner so we need to to worry about sync issues as well.

Protractor is one of the end to end testing framework in AngularJS

Additional Locator strategies:

  • By binding
  • By repeater
  • By textarea
  • By model
  • WebElement all
  • WaitForAngular
  • WebElement evaluate, etc.

About course coverage:

  • End to end testing on AngujarJS websites
  • Handling elements on a Non-Angular websites
  • Different locator techniques
  • Writing Protractor tests
  • Jasmine concepts
  • Creating test cases and test suites
  • Parallel and Multiple browser execution
  • Framework designing using Page Object Model design pattern
  • Creating common utilities
Table of Contents

Course Introduction
1 Introduction to Protractor course

Basic installation
2 Pre-requisites
3 Installing JDK and Node_JS
4 Installing Protractor on Windows
5 Troubleshooting with Python installation error
6 Installing Python
7 Troubleshooting with Visual studio installation error
8 Running the first Protractor Test
9 Installing Eclipse and Turn plugin

Protractor Basics
10 Understanding the Conf_js file
11 Understanding Describe and It blocks and writing test cases
12 Handling Dropdown list
13 Adding validations using Jasmine Expect
14 DropdownTest
15 WebStorm Installation and integrating Protractor runner
16 Autosuggestions

Visual Studio Editor - NEW ADDITION
17 Installing Visual Studio code editor

Jasmine Basics
18 Introduction to Jasmine and basic features
19 BeforeEach and AfterEach
20 Expect toBe and not toBe
21 Expect toEqual_ toMatch and not toEqual
22 Creating Test Suites and running selective _ all test cases
23 TestSuites

24 About AngularJS Locators
25 By Model_ By ClassName_ By ButtonText
26 LocatoryByModel
27 By Binding_ By ID
28 LocatorByBinding
29 By Repeater
30 LocatoryByRepeater
31 By addLocators
32 CustomLocators
33 Select Wrapper class
34 Select-Wrapper

35 Generating Logs - winston NPM
36 logger
37 Generating Allure Reports
38 Installing Maven and Generating HTML Reports
39 Sending Emails
40 latestmailarchieve19may2017
41 Understanding Package_json file and it's usage

Data Driven Testing
42 Reading data and locators through JSON files
43 ObjectsJson
44 Parameterization using Jasmine Data Providers
45 DataProviders
46 Reading Excel Files
47 ExcelTest

E2E testing on AngularJS Banking Application
48 Automating Customer Login
49 Automating Bank Manager Login
50 BankingApplication

Page Object Model - Framework (Live Project)
51 Introduction to Page Object Model
52 Creating Architecture and Adding business pages
53 Adding More Business Page and Test Cases
54 Adding the Page Object Model design pattern
55 Adding common Json file for Locators and TestData
56 ProtractorPageObjects

Handling Non-Angular Elements
57 Automating a Login window
58 LoginTest
59 Handling tabs and popups
60 TabsandPopups

Android - Test execution on a Real Device
61 How to execute Protractor test on an Android device
62 Android Test Configuration
63 AndroidTest

Jenkins - CI
64 Introduction to Jenkins
65 Jenkins configuration
66 Understanding the Conf_js file
67 JenkinsSlave

Protractor Docker & Selenium Grid integration
68 Integration with Selenium grid and docker to run parallel test
69 Docker installation and adding Selenium Grid containers
70 Docker compose with Parallel test execution on Multiple browsers
71 docker