Protocol Deep Dive: IGMP and MLD

Protocol Deep Dive: IGMP and MLD
Protocol Deep Dive: IGMP and MLD
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Many engineers struggle with IP multicast. This IGMP and MLD deep dive builds a strong foundation into host-to-router multicast signaling. It includes extensive demonstrations, packet capture deep-dives, and troubleshooting techniques.

IP multicast is a challenging topic in networking to master. In this course, Protocol Deep Dive: IGMP and MLD, you will learn foundational knowledge of/gain the ability to how hosts communicate their interest in receiving multicast to the network. First, you will learn about IGMP, the IPv4 protocol used to share this information within the context of a real network. Next, you will discover the inner workings of MLD, the IGMP equivalent in the IPv6 world, along with all its enhancements and caveats. Finally, you will explore how to design your security infrastructure to “play nice” with IGMP and MLD, along with mastery of a powerful troubleshooting tool called multicast traceroute. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge surrounding IGMP and MLD needed to troubleshoot and optimize multicast transport at the network edges.

Table of Contents

Course Overview
1 Course Overview

Introduction to IPv4 Multicast and IGMPv1
2 What How Why
3 Host-to-Router Signaling with IGMP
4 Demo IGMPv1 Operations
5 Review of Packet Analysis Using Wireshark
6 Analysis IGMPv1 Membership Query
7 Analysis IGMPv1 Membership Report
8 Router-to-Router Signaling with PIM
9 Demo Basic Multicast Flow

Better Performance with IGMPv2
10 Why Wasn’t IGMPv1 Enough
11 IGMPv2 Solutions and How They Work
12 Demo IGMPv2 Operations
13 Analysis IGMPv2 General Query and Membership Report
14 Analysis IGMPv2 Leave Group and Group-specific Query
15 Demo Basic IPv4 Multicast Flow

New Multicast Designs with IGMPv3
16 Why Wasn’t IGMPv2 Enough
17 Demo IGMPv3 Operations
18 Analysis IGMPv3 Membership Query and Report
19 Analysis IGMPv3 Any-source Multicast (ASM) LeaveQuery
20 Analysis IGMPv3 Source-specific Multicast (SSM) LeaveQuery

The Future of Neworking IPv6 Multicast and MLDv1
21 What’s New with IPv6 Multicast
22 MLDv1 Overview and Message Flow
23 Demo MLDv1 Operations
24 Analysis MLDv1 General Query and Report
25 Analysis MLDv1 Done and Group-specific Query
26 Demo Basic IPv6 Multicast Flow

New Multicast Designs with MLDv2
27 Why Wasn’t MLDv1 Enough
28 MLDv2 Solutions and Exchanges
29 Demo MLDv2 Operations
30 Analysis MLDv2 Membership Query and Report
31 Analysis MLDv2 Any-source Multicast (ASM) LeaveQuery
32 Analysis MLDv2 Source-specific Multicast (SSM) LeaveQuery

Troubleshooting and Securing IGMP and MLD
33 How Multicast Traceroute Really Works
34 Demo Multicast Traceroute in Action
35 Analysis Successful Multicast Traceroute Request
36 Analysis Successful Multicast Traceroute Response
37 Demo Finding the Fault with Multicast Traceroute
38 Analysis Failed Multicast Traceroute Packets
39 Security Design for IGMP and MLD