Protocol Deep Dive: Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)

Protocol Deep Dive: Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
Protocol Deep Dive: Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
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Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is essential for computer communication across the network. This course provides the in-depth knowledge needed to understand, improve, troubleshoot, and secure ARP-related communications in your network.

Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is foundational for nearly all LAN communication. Because ARP and its variations are so widely relied upon, a deep understanding of ARP is necessary to support network communications, troubleshoot interoperability issues, and improve the efficiency of networks. Furthermore, it is critically important that you understand its nature so you can reduce and prevent related cyber threats. In this course, Protocol Deep Dive: Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), you will learn ARP from the ground up, including every part of Address Resolution Protocol messages, their functions and variations, and their security risks. First, you will learn how to capture ARP and use those captures to identify ARP messaging and troubleshoot ARP-related problems. Next, you will explore the details of every major ARP variation, learning how they apply to network communications. Finally, you will examine best practices and procedures you can apply to common LAN ARP-based attacks. By the end of this course, you will be able to clearly identify how ARP communications are used, when and how they might cause problems or security risks, and which solutions are appropriate in any given scenario.

Table of Contents

Course Overview
1 Course Overview

Address Resolution Protocol Fundamentals
2 Fundamentals of ARP
3 Fundamentals of ARP Demo Introduction
4 Demo – Windows and ARP
5 Demo – ARP Wireshark Captures
6 Demo – Ubuntu Linux and ARP
7 Demo – Cisco Router ARP Basics

Understanding InARP, GARP, RARP, and Proxy ARP
8 Intro
9 InARP and RARP
10 Demo – InARP
11 Gratuitous ARP
12 Demo – Gratuitous ARP
13 HSRP Failover
14 ARP Duplicate IP Detection
15 Demo – Duplicate IP Detection
16 Proxy ARP
17 Demo – Proxy ARP

Troubleshooting Common ARP Issues
18 Intro
19 Connectivity Losses to Hosts and Default Gateway
20 Stale ARP Cache Problems
21 Demo – Stale ARP Cache Problems
22 Static ARP Problems
23 Demo – Static ARP Problems
24 Proxy ARP Problems
25 Demo – Proxy ARP Overhead
26 Demo – Proxy ARP Unavailable
27 Demo – Proxy ARP Blackhole
28 Demo – Finding Computers in a Complex LAN

Addressing ARP-related Security Risks
29 ARP and Security Intro
30 Broadcast Storms, Denial Of Service (DoS), and Storm Control
31 Demo – Broadcast Storm Control
32 CAM Table Flood with Port Security
33 Demo – CAM Table Flood with Port Security
34 ARP Poisoning, Blackhole, Spoofing, MITM
35 Demo – ARP Poisoning and Man in the Middle
36 ARP Security Through Dynamic ARP Inspection