Protecting Your Network with Open Source Software

Protecting Your Network with Open Source Software

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Network protection is vital to organizations big and small, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition. Learn how to protect your network with open-source tools, and do it completely free. Jungwoo Ryoo shows how to set up firewalls, investigate network traffic with a packet analyzer, detect threats and malicious activity with an intrusion-detection system, and enable network logging and monitoring. Start here for a low-cost route to a more secure network.

Table of Contents

1 Protect your network with free software
2 What you should know
3 Set up environment

Understanding Open-Source Software
4 What is open-source software
5 Open-source software in networking
6 Open-source solutions in cybersecurity
7 Open-source vs. commercial software
8 Costs and savings

9 What is a firewall
10 Host firewalls
11 Network firewalls
12 Static packet filtering vs. stateful packet inspection

Hosts as a Router
13 Netfilter and iptables
14 Setting up a host firewall using iptables
15 Automating Netfilter configuration
16 Understanding hosts as routers
17 Adding a network adapter
18 Testing the second adapter
19 Setting up IP forwarding
20 Changing Netfilter settings
21 Testing the router

Hosts as a Firewall
22 Setting up hosts as a network firewall
23 Setting up a web server
24 Port forwarding
25 Testing port forwarding
26 Understanding one-legged DMZ
27 Understanding true DMZ
28 Understanding an application proxy firewall
29 Setting up Squid

Packet Analysis
30 What is packet analysis
31 ARP poisoning example
32 Packet capturing with Wireshark
33 Exploring Wireshark advanced features
34 Wireshark hands-on

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Vulnerability Assessment
35 What is an IDS
36 Introducing Snort
37 Snort as a packet sniffer
38 Snort as an IDS Establishing rules
39 Snort as an IDS Detecting pings
40 What is a network vulnerability assessment
41 Nessus
42 Network scanning with Nessus

Logging and Monitoring
43 Logging
44 Syslog-ng
45 Log forwarding Part 1
46 Log forwarding Part 2
47 Kiwi

49 Next steps and additional resources