Progressive Web Apps: The Big Picture

Progressive Web Apps: The Big Picture
Progressive Web Apps: The Big Picture
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This course helps you understand the platform of progressive web apps, how it works, and when to choose it for developing your next app. You will see PWAs in action, in mobile and desktop, and see how to distribute them to end-users.

Understanding the progressive web apps platform, including its advantages, challenges, and differences with other app development approaches, can be confusing. Creating a good user experience for installation and usage is key for success, and to achieve that you need to understand a lot of concepts before starting the project. In this course, Progressive Web Apps: The Big Picture, you will gain the ability to understand the PWA platform before starting your next project. First, you will learn the differences compared to other app development approaches. Next, you will discover the main components, including the service worker, and how to get the installed app experience on desktop, Android, iOS, and iPadOS. Finally, you will explore how to start a PWA project and how to distribute the app from the browser or stores, including end-user and enterprise deployments. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of progressive web apps needed to start a project for a new app or to upgrade your current apps.

Table of Contents

Course Overview
1 Course Overview

Understanding Progressive Web Apps
2 Introduction
3 Hello PWA World
4 Characteristics of a PWA
5 Apps in Action
6 When to Use the Platform
7 Summary

Creating an App Experience for Mobile and Desktop
8 Introduction
9 The PWA Criteria
10 The App Experience
11 Working with Pages within a PWA
12 Progressive Enhancement
13 The Icon
14 Abilities
15 Limitations
16 Summary

Programming the PWA with Web Tools
17 Overview
18 Service Workers – The Brain of a PWA
19 Caching and Serving PWA Resources
20 Adding Service Workers to a Web Project
21 Doing PWAs with Angular
22 Doing PWAs with React
23 PWAs Everywhere
24 Summary

Distributing the App to Your Users
25 Overview
26 Distribution Models
27 Installation from Browsers
28 Creating App Launchers
29 Enterprise Distribution
30 Distribution through App Stores
31 Summary