Programming Promises in Java 8

Programming Promises in Java 8
Programming Promises in Java 8
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Reactive and asynchronous applications are growing in popularity, but what is the best way to build them? This course helps you apply the latest concurrency techniques to develop state of the art Java applications necessary for the microservices/service oriented architecture (SOA) model. It builds upon the theory described in the associated "Asynchronous Programming in Java" course, by refactoring several projects using Java 8’s CompletableFutures class. It explains the concept behind CompletableFutures, examines the problems they solve for Java developers, and shows through examples how to use the API productively in practice. The course is designed for software architects and intermediate- to advanced-level Java developers.

  • Understand how to program event-driven reactive code using Java 8 and CompletableFutures
  • Gain experience implementing reactive code in a readable and maintainable way
  • Learn to build reliable and performant Java apps for the microservices/SOA model
Table of Contents

01 The Problem When Querying Services
02 Using the Threads API
03 Limitation with the Threads API
04 Introduction to ExecutorService
05 Using an ExecutorService
06 Refactoring to ExecutorService
07 Limitations of Future and other APIs
08 CompletableFuture Basics
09 Refactoring to CompletableFuture
10 CompletableFuture Usage Patterns
11 CompletableFuture Usage Exercise
12 CompletableFuture Execution Model
13 Dealing with Exceptions
14 Faulty Service Exercise
15 Sequence Patterns
16 Wrap Up Exercise
17 Summary