Programming Foundations: Version Control with Git

Programming Foundations: Version Control with Git
Programming Foundations: Version Control with Git
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Manually keeping track of changes to files can slow you down. Version control systems allow developers to off-load this work, as well as safeguard their projects in general. In this course, instructor Christina Truong covers the fundamentals of version control with Git, the popular open-source version control software. Christina helps you get acquainted with basic Git terminology, the basic Git workflow, and how to install the software on both Macs and PCs. She then demonstrates how to manage repositories using either the command line or a graphical user interface (GUI). Along the way, she provides challenges and solutions that help you grasp how these concepts work in practice.

Topics include:

  • The benefits of using version control systems
  • Essential Git concepts and terminology
  • The basic Git workflow
  • Using the command line vs. a GUI
  • Configuring Git settings
  • Setting up local and remote repositories
  • Using a GUI to add and commit changes
  • Working with branches
Table of Contents

1 Dont lose work
2 What you should know
3 Working with the exercise files

Introduction to Version Control
4 Why you need version control
5 What is version control
6 What is Git
7 The command line vs. the GUI
8 Git concepts and terminology
9 Hosting services
10 Git workflow
11 Installing Git on Mac
12 Installing Git on PC

Git and the Command Line
13 Using the command line
14 Command line basics
15 Configure Git settings
16 Setting up a local repository
17 Setting up a remote repository
18 Adding changes with Git add and commit
19 Keep repositories up to date with Git pull and push
20 Deleting a repository or branch
21 Challenge Putting it all together
22 Solution Putting it all together

Git and Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)
23 Using GUIs
24 Install GUI
25 Working with a repository
26 Adding changes and keeping up to date
27 What is Git branching
28 Working with branches
29 Merging branches
30 Challenge Putting it all together
31 Solution Putting it all together

32 Git for collaboration
33 Next steps