Programming Foundations: Conducting Code Reviews

Programming Foundations: Conducting Code Reviews
Programming Foundations: Conducting Code Reviews
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Software is written by humans—and humans can make mistakes. Before suggested changes are integrated into a codebase, they are often reviewed and approved by other programmers. A large amount of developers’ time is spent on code reviews. However, this skill is rarely taught. This course remedies that oversight, starting with the what, who, and why of code reviews. It then explores the how, showing how to thoroughly review everything from implementation details to maintainability and design aspects of code. Instructor Kathryn Hodge also introduces best practices for reviewing code on the cloud and implementing and committing changes to a codebase. In the last chapter, you can explore how to submit your own code for review and respond to comments. Take the challenges issued along the way to practice your new skills. By the end of the course, you’ll have the knowledge needed to become a great code reviewer, saving valuable resources and influencing future design changes at your organization.

Topics include:

  • What is a code review?
  • Who reviews code?
  • Performing a code review
  • Reviewing code on GitHub
  • Writing comments
  • Approving code
  • Implementing and committing code changes
  • Creating pull requests
  • Responding to code review comments
Table of Contents

1 Write great code reviews to advance your career
2 What you need to know

Basics of Code Reviews
3 What is a code review
4 Code reviews in the software development life cycle
5 Who should review code
6 How long should a code review really take

Performing a Code Review
7 Understand the authors purpose
8 Review implementation details
9 Review maintainability and design
10 Review unfamiliar code

Reviewing Code on the Cloud
11 Find code to review on GitHub
12 Test code on a local machine
13 Write code review comments
14 Approve code
15 Challenge Give a code review
16 Solution Give a code review

Implementing a Feature
17 Scope of a code change
18 Implement a code change
19 Commit a code change
20 Prepare code for review

Submitting Code for Review
21 Create a pull request (PR)
22 Find code reviewers
23 Handle code review comments
24 Respond to code reviews comments
25 Challenge Add a feature and submit a PR
26 Solution Add a feature and submit a PR

27 Add code reviews into your daily job