Program Management Foundations

Program Management Foundations
Program Management Foundations
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What is the difference between a project and a program? What do program managers do? These questions and others are answered in this course which covers the essentials of program management. Learn about the skills needed to be a program manager. Discover the milestones and phases involved in the life cycle of a program—from planning to delivery and beyond. Find out how to manage programs, align programs to business strategies, deliver beneficial results, communicate with stakeholders, govern program activities, map program schedules, and support integral program processes.

Topics include:

  • What is program management?
  • Who are program managers?
  • Program versus project
  • Program life-cycle phases
  • Aligning programs to an organization’s strategies
  • Analyzing needs and planning programs
  • Delivering and sustaining benefits from programs
  • Working with program stakeholders
  • Supporting program governance activities
  • Managing program finances and resources
  • Scheduling programs
  • Managing program scope and quality
Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 Who is this course for

Getting to Know Program Management
3 What is program management
4 Who is a program manager
5 The relationship between portfolios, programs, and projects
6 Business value

Program Management Performance Domains
7 Program life cycle phases and activities
8 Program versus project uncertainty and change
9 Program and portfolio distinctions and their relationship to strategy

Program Strategy Alignment
10 Organizational strategy and program alignment

Program Benefits Management
11 Benefits identification
12 Benefits analysis and planning
13 Benefits delivery
14 Benefits transition and sustainment

Program Stakeholder Engagement
15 Program stakeholder identification, planning, and engagement

Program Governance
16 Program governance board responsibilities
17 Individual roles in program governance and their functions
18 Other supporting governance activities

Program Life Cycle Management
19 Program life cycle management

Program Management Supporting Processes
20 Program communications management
21 Program financial management
22 Program integration management
23 Program procurement management
24 Program quality management
25 Program resource management
26 Program risk management
27 Program schedule management
28 Program scope management

29 Next steps