Profit with JavaScript

Profit with JavaScript
Profit with JavaScript
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A course teach you how to complete real-world projects and make a living as a modern JavaScript web developer

Module 1
Your JavaScript Developer Roadmap to Freedom
This is where we map out your yearly income goals and the roadmap to get there. These determine everything else from here on out. We also figure out whether full-time, part-time, or freelance is the role for you based on your personality type.

  • What is your current income & source of income?
  • How much do you currently work?
  • What kind of lifestyle do you want?
  • What kind of income do you want to make?
  • How many hours do you want to work?
  • What is your work ethic like?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?
  • Should you freelance, do full time, or both?
  • How do I get the maximum ROI from JavaScript and this course?

Module 2
JavaScript Crash Course
In this module we’ll master the fundamentals & lay a solid foundation so when we build real-world projects in the future modules, you are ready & have a deep understanding of all the pieces. If you’ve never coded in JavaScript before, this is going to be fun.

  • Where do you write your JavaScript code
  • Primitive data types (Integers, Booleans, etc.)
  • Variables
  • If/else Statements
  • Logical Operators
  • For Loops & While Loops
  • Functions & Methods
  • What is Scope
  • Arrays (Lists)

Module 3
Deep Problem Solving with JavaScript
If you don’t learn problem solving, you will suck as a developer. This is a take no prisoners module where we go deep into the world of problem solving. This is going to be hard. You might cry. But, if you make it through, the world will never be the same.
We teach you how to solve problems from scratch. I’ll show you behind the scenes of how I problem solve. From breaking the problem down into component parts, writing stuff on a whiteboard, to solving problems & coding up a beautiful solution.

Module 4
DOM-inate with JavaScript
We master Document Object Models in JavaScript. This is what allows you to write JavaScript code and make your app functional. Without this, you can’t make a dynamic website or a web app. Yeah, let’s code some stuff up and dominate.

  • How to manipulate the DOM with JavaScript
  • Document Object Model (DOM) & Accessing Their Elements
  • Browser Object Model (BOM)
  • What are Nodes and Elements? + Common Misconceptions
  • Event Listeners (Handling Interactability)
  • Changing CSS with Pure JavaScript
  • Add, remove, and toggle classes

Module 5
Ultimate Environment for JavaScript Developers
I’ll show you how to leverage the best tools for web developers to 10x your productivity and results. These are the tools and workflows I use to get projects done quickly and effectively, without having to slow down and halt my creativity or critical thinking.
I’ve tried over a hundred different tools when it comes to coding and productivity, and these are the ones I’ve decided are the winners.

  • Google Inspect Tool (like a boss)
  • ZSH | Terminal
  • Alfred
  • Spectacle (Best window management)
  • Visual Studio Code (How to set it up like a modern web developer)
  • VIM (Yes, it’s difficult, but a total game-changer)
  • Droplr
  • Stack Overflow
  • Git

Module 6
Advanced Modern JavaScript
Here we learn the the more complicated and cutting edge parts of JavaScript and Web Development. We’ll improve the quality of your code with industry standard techniques and immensely increase your worth as a JavaScript Developer.

  • AJAX
  • Promises
  • Asynchronous applications & Awaiting
  • Reading, Writing, and Handling JSON data
  • Integrating APIs to your apps
  • Design Patterns (follow these when solving problems)
  • ES6+ Industry Standards
  • How to Build Scalable Web Applications with ES6+
  • Callbacks & Functional Programming
  • Recursion
  • Closures
  • Pass by value & Pass by reference
  • IFFE (Immediately Invoked Function Expressions)

Module 7
Object Oriented Programming with JavaScript
We learn how to code Object Oriented applications with JavaScript. This really simplifies representing any ideas we have in code for us. It’s a 100% necessary technical skill if you want to be considered a real developer and land clients or full-time jobs.

  • Classes (ES6+)
  • Objects and Creating Models
  • Methods
  • Class Variables / Global Variables
  • Overriding
  • Constructors
  • Prototype & Deep Dive Prototype
  • Class Inheritance
  • Prototypal Inheritance (Learning composition)

Module 8
Let’s Build Mini-Projects with JavaScript
We take our first delve into using everything we just learned and build three, complete, beginner friendly mini-projects:

  • Your-Age-In-Days Calculator
  • Random Cat Generator
  • Rock Paper Scissors Game

Module 9
Project: Build a Blackjack App with JavaScript
Alright. Badass project. We have graduated from the beginner projects and now we are jumping straight to something difficult. We’re going to code up a game of Black Jack using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Module 10
Project: Build a Twitter Clone App with JavaScript
We build a Twitter clone app with JavaScript. Most importantly we will learn how to make scalable web applications, using the advanced techniques we learned in previous modules.

  • JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • Promises
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • FlexBox
  • HTML
  • APIs
  • JSON
  • Classes & Objects

Module 11
Project: Build a Real-World Google Maps Project That’s Worth $5,700 on Upwork
We will be using the Google Maps API to add map functionality to our apps and websites

  • How to read External APIs into our own applications
  • AJAX
  • Google Maps / JavaScript API
  • jQuery
  • Promises
  • FlexBox

Module 12
Project: Build a Google Chrome Extension & Deploy to Chrome Web Store with JavaScript
We build a Chrome Extension that serves as a Todo list app. This is a real job paying $327 on, a real freelancing platform. Pay good attention to the Google Chrome Browser Extension part, that’s the important part.

  • Core fundamentals of Chrome extension development
  • How to make Chrome browser extensions
  • How to publish your Chrome extension to the Chrome Web Store
  • How to get through finishing a freelance project
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • How to test Chrome Extensions
  • Learn to integrate JS app into a Chrome extension
  • Firebase Database API to store user data
  • How to Problem Solve

Module 13
Data Science Visualization with JavaScript
We’ll learn the leading library for visualizing data on a webpage. Very useful for business, data science, analytics, and anything development or freelancing related. Plus they just make your apps look clean. Were gonna be learning the badass D3.js library here. Where we can do cool things

  • D3.js JavaScript Library
  • Data manipulation
  • Analyze & visualize large data sets to solve real world problems
  • Classes and Objects
  • Advanced JavaScript Techniques
  • How to use public data set APIs
  • Problem Solving

Module 14
Project: A Modern Portfolio for a Modern JavaScript Developer
Here we actually build and host our own online portfolio website. We’re going to house all of the projects we just built here (surprise), so that we are ready to apply to jobs and land freelancing clients. None of your work matters if you can’t showcase it to people and market yourself.

  • Learn how to design a professional portfolio website
  • Learn to stand out professionally
  • Create a winning website from scratch using JavaScript
  • Allow clients to see who you are
  • Market your skills to potential job opportunities
  • Showcase your skills and projects
  • Learn how to deploy your website to make it live

Module 15
How to Make an Income & Profit with JavaScript as a Modern Web Developer
This is the last piece of the puzzle. This is where we show you actual ways you can make an income from coding. You have all the technical skills. You have the porfotlio. You have the confidence. You have the belief. You have the bills to pay (lol). Now let’s show you the soft skills you need to finally land a job or clients, keep your boss or clients happy, and get paid what you’re worth.

  • How to create a resume that gets you the interview
  • How to prepare for your interview
  • How to land Junior Dev positions
  • How you can Get an Interview at Google, Twitter, Khan Academy, & other big companies
  • Where to find clients
  • How to qualify clients
  • How to create a professional proposal that stands out
  • How to properly price your clients’ projects
  • The most profitable way to price your project
  • Manage your clients, keep them happy, and get paid on time
  • How to retrieve the scope of the project from your client
  • How to freelance as a web developer. From no money to potentially making 6-figures, all on your own time.