Professional Spring Boot 2

Professional Spring Boot 2
Professional Spring Boot 2
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Excel as a professional Spring Boot developer and improve your daily workflows with Cloud Native Applications

You’ve been using Spring, but your company has recently moved to Spring Boot. You now need to build API-first, Cloud-first, easy-to-scale applications but you don’t know how. This course will help you get back in the application developer groove with the power of Spring Boot.

The course transforms your skillset away from building single, large Java applications. You’ll benefit from understanding what microservices are, and the problems they pose for typical Java web services. You’ll delve into the Spring Boot architecture and learn to use its components for your professional projects.

Through practical examples, you’ll build your own JSON RESTful web service, which is an essential tool for any Spring Boot developer. You’ll learn to use Mockito and JUnit to build an end-to-end integration testing suite and you’ll be on a par with your competitors. Lastly, you will use AWS and Docker to deploy your application to the cloud.

Harness the power of Spring Boot and take your enterprise application development career to the next level. The course will help you and your business compete with others by building portable and easy-to-scale microservices with ease.

The course makes you follow in the steps of a professional Spring Boot developer. You will understand, through practical examples, how you can build, test, and deploy your application on AWS with in-depth, yet easy-to-follow steps.

What You Will Learn

  • Master Spring Boot and learn why it’s a game-changer when it comes to running Java in an agile cloud-native environment
  • Explore microservices, and why they drive the design behind Spring Boot
  • Understand Spring Boot components and how they come together to solve the challenges it’s trying to solve
  • Gain the skills required to easily bootstrap a web application with Spring Boot
  • Build a fully integrated JSON web service that exposes a Postgres database layer to the internet
  • Write an end-to-end integration test suite to validate the functionality of your application
  • Learn how to wrap your production-ready application with a lightweight and easy to deploy Docker container
  • Complete the end-to-end application lifecycle by deploying your application to a serverless container execution environment: Amazon Fargate, the latest and greatest container hosting technology from AWS
Table of Contents

Getting Ahead with Spring Boot’s Components
1 Course Overview
2 Auto Configuration with Spring Boot
3 Spring Boot Core Components
4 Spring Boot CLI
5 Leveraging Spring Boot Actuator
6 Spring Boot Starters
7 Using Spring Boot Tools – Build Control, Loading, and Scripting.

Creating JSON RESTful Web Services in Spring Boot
8 The Architecture of Our Application
9 Creating a Simple Jetty Web Server and Hello World Endpoint
10 Creating a Data Model and Linking it to a Postgres Database
11 Building a REST API and Request Mappings

Enhancing our RESTful Web Service
12 Using Request Parameters and Request Body
13 Exploring Path Variables in Spring Boot
14 Monitoring Your Application with Spring Boot Actuator
15 Consuming Another RESTful Service in Spring Boot

Testing Spring Boot Applications
16 Test Tooling with Mockito and JUnit
17 Mocking Out the Persistence Layer for Testing
18 Running Spring Boot Integration Tests

Deploying Spring Boot Applications
19 Introduction to Docker and its Architecture
20 Docker versus VMs – Core Concepts
21 Wrapping Spring Boot Application with a Docker Container
22 Understanding Amazon Fargate
23 Deploying to AWS with Fargate