Principle for UX Design

Principle for UX Design

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Principle for Mac is a Mac-based UX prototyping tool designed to bring your design ideas to life. In this course, join instructor Tom Green as he shows how to create interactive prototypes for smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers with Principle. The techniques go beyond static wireframes or blueprints; with Principle, your prototypes become more dynamic, with motion and interactivity. Along the way, learn how to import assets, crop and mask layers, and use the Principle timeline and drivers. The final chapter of the course includes examples of real-world prototyping projects, including a preloader animation, a card animation, a video player, and an Apple Watch UI.

Topics include:

  • Adding content to new artboards
  • Creating your first Principle animation
  • Managing the Principle timeline
  • Animating with keyframes and drivers
  • Using assets from Photoshop and Sketch
  • Masking and cropping
  • Creating an Apple Watch UI
  • Creating a video player
Table of Contents

1 What is Principle
2 Review of the Principle interface
3 Principle tools
4 Creating and adding artboards
5 Adding content to an artboard
6 Adding and formatting text
7 Create your first animation
8 Test and share your work
9 Understanding the timeline
10 Adding keyframes and durations
11 Using the easing feature
12 Motion paths
13 Create a tabbed interface
14 Create scrollable content
15 Overview of Driver channel
16 Constrain drivers
17 Interactive drivers
18 Paging
19 Drivers and paging
20 What Principle doesn’t do
21 Create assets in Photoshop
22 Create assets in Sketch
23 Import Sketch artboards
24 Import Figma artboards
25 Cropping and masking
26 Drag and drop
27 Create reusable UI components
28 Create a preloader animation
29 Card animation
30 Create a slide in menu
31 Auto animations
32 Import video
33 Create a video controller
34 Scrub the audio and video tracks of a video
35 Using multiple drivers
36 Create an Apple Watch UI