Power BI Quick Tips

Power BI Quick Tips
Power BI Quick Tips
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This collection of Microsoft Power BI quick tip videos is designed to demonstrate helpful tricks and quickly explain useful features. Discover quick ways to connect data, analyze data, and create visualizations in one place. Plus, explore how to connect and embed data, edit a group workspace, customize a dashboard for mobile phone viewing, and more.

Topics include:

  • Creating workspaces and sharing dashboards
  • Uploading and publishing data
  • Connecting to online services
  • Creating and arranging tiles
  • Asking questions and getting insights
  • Bookmarks, favorites, and notifications
  • Embedding, exporting, and printing data
  • Creating apps and content packs
  • Using the Office 365 files document library
  • Accessing conversations in Office 365
  • Pin a report to a team channel
Table of Contents

1 Working faster in Power BI
2 Sharing a Power BI dashboard or report
3 Accessing Shared with me dashboards
4 Creating a group workspace
5 Editing a group workspace
6 Leaving a group workspace
7 Publishing a workbook from the Excel app
8 Uploading a file to Power BI online
9 Connecting to a sample data file
10 Connecting to an app
11 Creating a new report
12 Creating a chart tile
13 Creating a dashboard
14 Creating a big number tile
15 Creating a table tile
16 Creating a slicer
17 Rearranging and resizing tiles
18 Asking natural language questions
19 Filtering data
20 Getting quick insights
21 Getting usage metrics
22 Subscribing to email notifications
23 Bookmarking a report
24 Favoriting a dashboard
25 Getting a link to embed to SharePoint
26 Exporting to a PowerPoint presentation
27 Exporting to a PDF
28 Getting a secure embed code
29 Pinning a report to a team channel
30 Publishing an app
31 Creating a mobile phone view
32 Working with the mobile app
33 Opening the SharePoint document library
34 Accessing conversations in an Outlook group
35 Accessing the Office 365 calendar