Power BI for Business Professionals

Power BI for Business Professionals
Power BI for Business Professionals
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Take advantage of Power BI to produce the best outcomes for your business and utilize business data to the fullest

Knowing how to type does not make someone an author, and being able to cook is not enough to be a restaurateur. It’s easy to get started with Power BI, but a range of additional skills is necessary to take full advantage of its potential. This course will show you how to get the best out of Power BI so you can make reliable business decisions from the data you have.

Data is a business resource, just like display space in a retail store or machine tools in a factory. Factories must make full use of their machinery, warehouses must make full use of their storage space, and your business must make full use of its data. Your competitors know this, and are not hesitating. While some business tools require specialized skills, Power BI is the Microsoft Excel of the new world of advanced data visualizations, data mining, and machine learning; that is, it’s a powerful tool that anyone can use. Importing data is not enough, you must mold it into structures that are ideal for business analysis. You no longer have to rely on the IT department for everything you need. Despite its great power, Power BI brings analytic and business intelligence to the desktops and smartphones of business people, not just IT professionals.

If you are not satisfied with just being a Power BI beginner and want to become a Power BI master, this course will provide the knowledge and insights you will need.


  • Importance of installing Power BI updates regularly to keep up with the rapid pace of change
  • Import data from databases, spreadsheets, and other data sources like a professional data scientist
  • Serve the needs of users, analysts, and colleagues with well-designed reports, dashboards, and mobile applications
  • Deploy and publish with Power BI Service
  • Steal a march on your competitors by customizing Power BI to provide unique data visualizations and unique insights
  • Gain insights quickly by the effective use of custom data visualizations
Table of Contents

Installing Power BI Desktop with a Quick Overview of Recent New Features
1 The Course Overview
2 Installing Power BI Desktop
3 Managing the Risks and Rewards of Preview Features
4 The Desktop and the Cloud

Assembling the Pieces of Your First Power BI Report
5 Creating a Power BI Report From Flat File
6 Report Layout, and Formatting
7 Themes and Templates
8 Conditional Formatting in Power BI Reports
9 Card Visualizations and First Look at KPIs
10 Informative Visualizations versus Empty Glitz

Data Done Right
11 Doing Data Right
12 Relating Dimension Data to a Fact Table
13 Time Dimension in Data Model
14 Fixing and Rendering Date Time Data
15 Handling Errors with Power BI
16 Creating Templates for Importing Report Data

Data Visualizations in Depth
17 Importing a Custom Visualization
18 KPI with Custom Visualizations
19 Custom KPI Visualizations with DAX
20 Time Series Analysis Using Custom Visuals
21 Decision Tree

Diving Deeper with DAX
22 Columns and Measures
23 Being Careful with Calculated Columns
24 Filter and Calculate
25 Organizing Your Measures
26 Creating Tables with DAX Language

R Visualizations – A Simple Route to Sophisticated Graphics
27 Generating Data for Monte Carlo Analysis Using R
28 Importing Excel Data Using R
29 Using R Visualizations for Advanced Analytics
30 D Plots Using R

The Overview of Microsoft Power BI Service
31 Signup for Power BI Service
32 Importing Data into the Power BI Service
33 Creating and Refreshing Reports
34 Integrating Visualizations into Dashboard