Power Apps: Building Data-Driven Apps

Power Apps: Building Data-Driven Apps
Power Apps: Building Data-Driven Apps
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Microsoft Power Apps makes it easy to build user-friendly frontend applications on top of your existing data—without any code. This course explores how to use Power Apps and Excel to create robust business applications for the collection and visual display of data. Phil Gold walks through the basics of connecting one or more data sources in Power Apps, and shows you how to build a new application and deploy it to your organization. Discover how to customize the design to fit your brand, add images and buttons, validate user data, and auto-populate form fields. Plus, learn how to use the time-saving Power Apps templates and export app packages for distribution outside your organization’s Office 365 ecosystem.

Topics include:

  • Connecting Power Apps to data
  • Creating your first app
  • Refreshing data
  • Fixing data field auto-layout issues
  • Changing colors and fonts
  • Adding images
  • Adding buttons
  • Validating form fields
  • Auto-populating form fields
  • Using Power Apps templates
  • Sharing your app
  • Exporting and importing app packages
Table of Contents

1 Create data-driven apps with Power Apps and Excel
2 Link O365 tools in new ways
3 Excel setup Named tables
4 Store files in an accessible location
5 Connect Power Apps to data
6 Your first app Default from existing data
7 Browse screen, edit screen, detail screen
8 Save and other app settings
9 Refresh the data source
10 Resize the app for the default viewer
11 Correct design layout issues
12 Fix data field auto layout on the Browse screen
13 Correct data field auto layout of the Edit and Display screens
14 Change form colors in Power Apps
15 Change and resize fonts in Power Apps
16 Add images in Power Apps
17 Add dropdown fields
18 Add radio buttons
19 Conditional formatting
20 Validate entries
21 Auto-populate information in fields
22 Link multiple data sources
23 Using Galleries
24 Add a chart
25 Add image fields for input
26 Create apps and collections from scratch
27 Using Power Apps templates
28 Share via a shared cloud service
29 Using the app on a mobile device
30 Export and import app packages
31 Extend your Power App and Excel skills