Pandas Data Cleaning and Modeling with Python

Pandas Data Cleaning and Modeling with Python
Pandas Data Cleaning and Modeling with Python
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In Pandas Data Cleaning and Modeling with Python LiveLessons, Daniel Y. Chen builds upon the foundation he built in Pandas Data Analysis with Python Fundamentals LiveLessons. In this LiveLesson Dan teaches you the techniques and skills you need to know to be able to clean and process your data. Dan shows you how to do data munging using some of the built-in Python libraries that can be used to clean data loaded into Pandas. Once your data is clean you are going to want to analyze it, so next Dan introduces you to other libraries that are used for model fitting.

Learn How To

  • Use pandas data types
  • Convert data types
  • Use string methods and regular expressions
  • Apply functions to data
  • Aggregate, transform, and filter data
  • Use pandas and Python date and time methods
  • Model data
Table of Contents

01 Introduction
02 Learning objectives
03 1.1 Understand Pandas data types
04 1.2 Convert types
05 1.3 Convert and manipulate categorical data
06 Learning objectives
07 2.1 Understand strings
08 2.2 Use string methods
09 2.3 Use more string methods
10 2.4 Utilize string formatting
11 2.5 Utilize regular expressions (regex)
12 2.6 Access the regex library
13 Learning objectives
14 3.1 Use functions
15 3.2 Use apply basics
16 3.3 Use apply column-wise and row-wise
17 3.4 Use vectorized functions
18 3.5 Use lambda functions