Oracle SQL : Become a Certified SQL Developer From Scratch!

Oracle SQL : Become a Certified SQL Developer From Scratch!
Oracle SQL : Become a Certified SQL Developer From Scratch!
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Learn SQL with a “Professional Certification Course”, Hundreds of Examples including 300+ Real Exam Questions!

Course Updates:

(NEW!) 3 Real SQL Certification Exam Samples are added!

An easy course does not mean to understand easily, it means just think to understand. This course is not just easily explained, but also explained in detail, and many examples. If you get this course, please try to write and run all the examples with me. If you follow what I said in this course, “You will be an SQL Developer just in 7 weeks.”

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Are you a student to learn SQL for your lessons?

Do you want to get a better job?

Are you bored in watching a lot of stuff but could not learn anything?

Do you think you know SQL, but can not write code?

Are you looking for a really professional course?

Then this is the course you are looking for.

In this course, all the subjects are explained with a professional order.

If you are new in sql, you can learn easily with all the details. If you already know sql and want to improve it, this course explains all the details of including subjects.

After finishing this course, you will learn what you need to learn at all. If you don’t see anything in this course, that means you really don’t need to know it for now.

Coding can be learned with coding. A course which has no example is not a course at all. And there are hundreds and hundreds of codes in this course.

And something more. Are you not good at English? No problem.

All of our videos are supported with “English Subtitle”.

So come on, what are you waiting for?

Get this course, and go get a better job!

Benefits of Taking This SQL Course:

Knowing SQL can get you a better job or improve the one you have and it provides to earn you $80-100k+ in the IT Industry. It’s a skill that will put you more in demand in the biggest technology companies in the IT industry, and make your software life easier, that’s why it’s so popular and backed by Oracle.

This course will help you quickly get up to speed with Oracle SQL. I will demystify the query skill and help you understand the essential concepts how to write SQL codes easily and thinking analytically against the problem in your company.

What you’ll learn

  • Pass Oracle 1Z0-061 SQL Fundamentals Certification Exam easily on your first try!
  • Learn Oracle SQL by Professionally Organized Step by Step Approach!
  • Be Able to Answer any SQL Interview Questions Confidently!
  • Write, Read and Analyze Any SQL Queries Easily!
  • A Solid Understanding of what are the Data, Database and RDBMS concepts!
  • Hundreds of Examples, Assessments, Materials
  • Create solutions for ANY SQL problems
  • Understand Database Terminology
  • Over 100+ Lectures, 12,5+ Hours Qualified Content in a Professional Order
  • Retrieve Data Using the SELECT Statement
  • Restricting and Sorting Data
  • Group, Filter and Restrict Data
  • Managing Tables Using DML Statements (Insert, Update, Delete)
  • Learn How to Use Joins, SET Operators, Subqueries
  • Learn Oracle Data Types
  • Learn How to Use Oracle SQL Functions
  • Displaying Data from Multiple Tables Using Joins
  • Learn Data Definition Language and How to Create, Modify and Drop Tables
  • Retrieving Data By Using Subqueries
  • Manipulating Data By Using Subqueries
  • Lifetime Support from the Authors
  • Weekly Assessments / Quizzes
Table of Contents

Database Concepts
1 What is a Database?
2 Why Oracle Database?
3 What is a Table?
4 UDEMY 101: How to Use Udemy? +Some Useful Tips
5 Special Gifts for Our Students!(SQL Cheatsheet & SQL Certification Exam Samples)
6 What is a Relational Database?
7 Entity Relationship Logic in Databases
8 The Sample (HR) Schema Used in This Course
9 What is SQL?

Introduction and Software Installation
10 About the Installation
11 Which Option to Have a Database?
12 Option 1 : Having The Database with Oracle VirtualBox
13 How to Install VirtualBox on Mac OSX
14 Option 2 : Downloading And Installing Oracle Database
15 Option 3 : Using Oracle Live SQL
16 Configuring and Using SQL Developer
17 How to Unlock HR Schema in Oracle?
18 SQL Statement used in this course
19 The Working Document
20 Don’t Forget to Leave a Rating!

Retrieving Data
21 Oracle Data Types
22 DESCRIBE Command
23 SQL Statement Basics
24 Using SELECT Statement
25 Using Column Aliases
26 Quote (Q) Operator
27 DISTINCT Operator
28 Concatenation Operators
29 Arithmetic Expressions and NULL Values

Restricting Data
30 Using WHERE Clause
31 Comparison Operators
32 BETWEEN … AND Operator
33 IN Operator
34 LIKE Operator
35 IS NULL Operator
36 Logical Operators (AND, OR, NOT)
37 Rules of Precedence
38 Quiz

Sorting Data
39 ORDER BY Clause
40 ASC and DESC Operators

Single-Row Functions
42 Single Row Functions
43 Character Functions (Part 1)
44 Character Functions (Part 2)
45 Number Functions
46 Nesting Functions
47 Date Functions
48 Date Operations

Conversion Functions
49 Conversion Functions
50 TO_CHAR, TO_DATE, TO_NUMBER Functions (Part 1)
51 TO_CHAR, TO_DATE, TO_NUMBER Functions (Part 2)

Conditional Expressions
53 Conditional Expressions (CASE-DECODE)

Group Functions
54 Group Functions
55 AVG Function
56 COUNT Function
57 MAX Function
58 MIN Function
59 SUM Function
60 Overview Of Group Functions

Grouping Data
61 GROUP BY Clause
62 HAVING Clause
63 Nesting Group Functions

Joining Multiple Tables
64 Joining Multiple Tables & Types of Joins
65 Natural Joins
66 Join with USING Clause
67 Handling Ambiguous Column Names
68 Join with ON Clause
69 Multiple Join Operations
70 Restricting Joins
71 Joining Unequal Tables
77 CROSS JOIN (Cartesian Product)

Using Subqueries
78 Using Subqueries
79 Single Row Subqueries
80 Multiple Row Subqueries
81 Multiple Column Subqueries

Using SET Operators
82 SET Operators
83 UNION and UNION ALL Operators
84 INTERSECT Operator
85 MINUS Operator
86 Matching Unmatched Queries in SET Operations
87 Order By with SET Operators

Data Manipulation Language (DML) Statements
88 Data Manipulation Language (DML)
89 INSERT Statement (Part 1)
90 INSERT Statement (Part 2)
91 UPDATE Statement
92 DELETE Statement
93 Transaction Control Statements
94 COMMIT and ROLLBACK Statements
95 SAVEPOINT Statement
96 FOR UPDATE Statement

Data Definition Language (DDL) Statements
97 Data Definition Language (DDL)
98 Naming Rules
99 CREATE TABLE Statement
100 ALTER TABLE Statement
101 DROP TABLE Statement
102 TRUNCATE TABLE Statement
103 COMMENT Statement
104 RENAME Statement

Creating Constraints
105 Creating Constraints
106 NOT NULL Constraint
107 UNIQUE Constraint
108 PRIMARY KEY Constraint
109 FOREIGN KEY Constraint
110 CHECK Constraint

Conclusion + Bonus
111 Conclusion
112 Bonus: Code Samples
113 Where to next?
114 Course Bonuses (SQL Cheatsheet & SQL Certification Exam Samples)