Object-Oriented JavaScript

Object-Oriented JavaScript
Object-Oriented JavaScript
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In this course you’ll learn the basics of object-oriented programming in JavaScript along with the new ES2015 Class syntax.

What you’ll learn

  • Basics of object-oriented programming
  • Creating your own objects with properties and methods
  • ES2015 Class syntax
  • Constructors, getters, and setters
Table of Contents

01 Welcome to Object-Oriented JavaScript
02 What Is an Object, and Why Do We Care
03 JavaScript Objects
04 Object Literals and Components of Objects
05 Dot Notation & Bracket Notation
06 Changing and Adding Properties
07 When Object Literals Aren’t Enough
08 Writing Your First Class
09 Adding Properties Inside the Constructor Method
10 Instantiating a Pet Object
11 Adding Methods To Our Class
12 Getters
13 Setters
14 Object Interaction
15 Bringing it All Together