NoSQL Overview and Use Cases

NoSQL Overview and Use Cases
NoSQL Overview and Use Cases
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This video is a subset from Steve Hoberman’s three-day Data Modeling Master Class. Learn about NoSQL and when NoSQL should be chosen over relational database technology. Steve will answer these questions during this video:

  • What is the lure of NoSQL?
  • What are the four characteristics NoSQL differs from RDBMS?
  • What are Document, Column, Key-value, and Graph databases and the use cases of each?
  • Why did Amazon create Dynamo?
  • What companies use Neo4J?
  • What advantage does Couchbase have over traditional NoSQL databases?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of going schema-less?
  • What is the difference between ACID and BASE?
  • What are the data modeling challenges with using NoSQL?
  • What is MongoDB and is there a difference between a physical and implementation data model?