Node.js Express Project – CMS and Shopping Cart

Node.js Express Project – CMS and Shopping Cart
Node.js Express Project – CMS and Shopping Cart
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Learn how to use node.js and express with mongodb to create custom applications by creating a comprehensive project

An in-depth, practical course teaching you how to build web apps with node.js and express using mongodb as the database.

After finishing this course you will be able to build almost any kind of an application using node/express.

NOTE: You should have node and mongodb installed on your machine before starting this course, I do not show how to install either.

What Will I Learn?

  • Build apps with node/express
Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Project overview

The Project
3 project setup
4 project setup 2
5 connecting to mongodb
6 templates
7 routes setup
8 getting more packages
9 creating the page model
10 get add page
11 post add page 1
12 post add page 2
13 admin pages index
14 admin pages sorting
15 get edit page
16 post edit page
17 wysiwig and delete page
18 admin categories model and route setup
19 categories index
20 add category
21 edit category
22 edit pages bug fix
23 delete category
24 products model route and packages setup
25 products index
26 get add product
27 post add product
28 get edit page
29 edit product view
30 post edit product
31 upload gallery images
32 delete gallery image
33 delete product
34 front menu display
35 admin page changes not reflected in frontend fix
36 display page content
37 front display categories
38 display all products
39 display products by category
40 display product details
41 cart route and header display
42 add to cart
43 checkout page
44 cart updating
45 clear cart
46 adding paypal checkout
47 enhancing checkout
48 user model and passport setup
49 register view
50 register post
51 login
52 logout
53 access control
54 adding more text and headings to pages