Node.js, Express, MongoDB Bootcamp 2020 – with Real Projects

Node.js, Express, MongoDB Bootcamp 2020 – with Real Projects

English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 44KHz 2ch | 14.5 Hours | 6.71 GB

Master Node, Express & MongoDB by building real-world apps with Authentication, File Uploads, WebScrapping, Deployment..

If you are willing to become a backend web developer using latest technologies that you are at right place. This course is all about backend development with modern technologies.

Node.js is one of the best and hot technology right now in the market to do backend. The major reason behind this, is Node is JavaScript run-time environment. Confused? This is deeply explained in the course.

In simple words Node is JavaScript. We can write JS on the backend also. If you are beginner and want to become a Full stack web developer then, learn JS for both frontend and backend.

This bootcamp contains up to date videos of Node technology that will take you from from very basic level to the advance stage, where you will be able make modern Web apps.

The introduction video of every section is free to watch that will show you all about project in that particular section.

Like my previous courses, this course is full of exciting projects. There are about 6 projects in this course that will help you to learn Node, Express & MongoDB practically. A lot of practical exciting stuff is included in this course, so that you can can get 100% of this course.

What will you learn after completing this course?

  • Gets your hands dirty on best backend stack: Node JS, Express & MongoDB.
  • Understand: How to use Express JS framework with Node Js with real projects.
  • Understand: How to render Server-side website using EJS template.
  • Understand: How Node JS works Behind the Scenes.
  • Understand all Queries of MongoDB.
  • Understand: How to use Mongoose with MongoDB with Real Employee Project.
  • Understand best and easy way to implement Authentication (Also includes: Password Reset, etc).
  • Learn how to send emails using Nodemailer.
  • How to store and handle file uploads.
  • Understand: How to do webscrapping in Node JS.
  • You will be able to scrape any website on internet.
  • You will be able to build Read World projects using all concepts that we learned.
  • Learn about Git, Github & how to deploy a Web App.
  • Get all Coding files and Projects, that will be free to use.
  • Get Course completion certificate for Udemy.

+ Table of Contents

1 Introduction to Course! MUST WATCH

2 How to Download and use Source Code
3 Download Source Code Here

Introduction to Backend Development
4 Introduction to Backend Development
6 How a Complete Website Works
7 Static Websites Vs Dynamic Webistes

Introduction to Node.js & NPM
8 Introduction to Node.js
9 Setting Up Coding Environment
10 First Application in Node.js
11 Using Core Module and First Web Server
12 Introduction to NPM
13 Installing and Using NPM Packages [Nodemon, Casual]

Node.js – Behind the Scenes [Overview]
14 C++ Behind Node.js
15 What actually are Callbacks in Node.js
16 Event Loop in Node.js
17 What is ThreadPool
18 Event Driven Artitecture

19 Introduction to Express.js
20 First Application in Express.js
21 Introduction to Template Engines & EJS
22 First Application using EJS
23 Routes Order and Star Route
24 Route Paramters
25 views & public directories
26 Using Loops in EJS
27 Using Conditional Statements in EJS
28 POST Request

PROJECT = Movie App in Express & Node using API
29 What is JSON
30 Introduction to Movie App
31 Movie App – PART 1
32 Movie App – PART 2
33 Movie App – PART 3

Callback Hell, Promises, Async Await
34 Introduction to Callback Hell
35 What actually Callback hell is
36 Using Promises to avoid Callbacks
37 Using Async Await to avoid Callbacks

MongoDB & CRUD Operations
38 Introduction to MongoDB
39 Installing and Setting Up MongoDB
40 Creating & Deleting = Database & Collection
41 CRUD = Creating Documents
42 CRUD = Reading Documents
43 CRUD = Updating Documents
44 CRUD = Deleting Documents

Mongoose & Employee Database Project
45 Introduction to Employee Database Poject
46 What is Mongoose
47 Project Part 1 – Connecting to MongoDB using Mongoose
48 Project Part 2 – Creating Homepage & Partials
49 Project Part 3 – Creating & Saving Employee in Database
50 Project Part 4 – Searching Employee in Database
51 Project Part 5 – Updating Employee in Database
52 Project Part 6 – Deleting Employee in Database
53 Project Part 7 – Adding Flash Messages
54 Quick Recap of Project

Handle File Uploads in Node
55 Introduction to File Upload Section
56 Image App Part 1 – Setting up Upload and Index Views
57 Image App Part 2 – Uploading Single File using Multer
58 Image App Part 3 – Uploading Multiple Files using Multer
59 Image App Part 4 – Deleting Files from Database and Directory

Authentication by Building Auth Project
60 Introduction to Auth Project
61 What is Passport.js & Why we use it
62 Auth Project Part 1 – Setting Up middlewares & Node Modules
63 Auth Project Part 2 – Setting Up views & GET routes
64 Auth Project Part 3 – Registering User by using Passport
65 Auth Project Part 4 – Sign In & Logout using Passport
66 Auth App Part 5 – Sending Password Recovery Emails using Nodemailer
67 Auth App Part 6 – Setting Up routes for New Password
68 Auth App Part 7 – Saving new password in Database
69 Auth App Part 8 – Change Password

WebScrapping in Node & Building Movie App Project
70 Introduction to Movie App by using WebScrapping
71 What is WebScrapping & Our first Webscrapper App
72 Movie App by using WebScrapping – PART 1
73 Movie App by using WebScrapping – PART 2
74 Movie App by using WebScrapping – PART 3

Final Project = Walmart WebScrapper Application
75 Introduction to Walmart WebScrapper App
76 Walmart Scrapper Part 1 – Adding Authentication and Registration
77 Walmart Scrapper Part 2 – Edit and Delete Users
78 Walmart Scrapper Part 3 – Scraping Walmart Product on Chrome’s Console
79 Walmart Scrapper Part 4 – Writing Products Scrape Function
80 Walmart Scrapper Part 5 – Scraping Walmart Products in Application
81 Walmart Scrapper Part 6 – Adding & Searching Product in Database
82 Walmart Scrapper Part 7 – Displaying In Stock & Out of Stock Products
83 Walmart Scrapper Part 8 – Displaying Price Changed & Back in Stock Products
84 Walmart Scrapper Part 9 – Setting Up Dashboard
85 Walmart Scrapper Part 10 – Setting Up Update Route
86 Walmart Scrapper Part 11 – Setting Up Home & 404 Page
87 Walmart Scrapper Part 12 – Deleting Products from Database

Deploying App on Heroku
88 Introduction to Section
89 Connecting to Online Database
90 Setting Up Git and Github
91 Basic Git Commands
92 Preparing App to Deploy on Heroku
93 Deploying App on Heroku
94 Fixing Puppeteer BuildPack Error

Where to Go Now
95 Bonus Lecture
96 Congratulation!!!