Node.js CLI | Build Node.js Command-line Automation Dev-tools

Node.js CLI | Build Node.js Command-line Automation Dev-tools

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After building hundreds of developer automation tools used by millions of developers, I am teaching exactly how you can do it yourself with minimum effective effort. Learn to build Node.js & JavaScript based CLI (Command Line Interface) apps & npm packages. Automate the grunt work, do more in less time, impress your manager, make more salary, and help the community.

What Do You Get in This Course?

From absolute beginners to advanced developers, there’s something for everyone here. I created this course as the go-to course in the tech industry whenever someone wants to learn automation, publish & maintain their Command Line Tools, and learn from 21+ CLI projects with production-grade CLI & Node module examples.


All 13 Modules & Everything you need to learn to build Node.js CLI Automation DevTools

  • Node.js Fundamentals
  • Install & Manage Node.js
  • Command-Line Fundamentals
  • Build a Node Module Package
  • Node.js CLI Error Handling
  • Advanced Node.js Concepts
  • CLI Frameworks (prototyping)
  • CLI Data Fetching & UX
  • CLI User Input & Output
  • 20+ Practical CLI Projects
  • Production-grade CLI Project
  • CLI Debugging & CLI Unit Testing
  • Extra: Concepts & Talks

+ Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION: What, why, who? Node.js CLI Tools
NODE.JS: Understand what is Node.js?
NODE.JS: Server Load Test
NODE.JS: Release Cycle Current + Long term support
NODE.JS: Difference between npx and npm
BASICS: How to download and install Node.js
NODE + NVM: Node.js Version Management with nvm
NODE + NODENV: Node.js Version Management with nodenv
NODE + ASDF: Node.js Version Management with asdf
NODE + N: Node.js Version Management with n
SUMMARY: Node.js Installation & Management
NODE.JS CLI: Building & publishing your first CLI
NODE.JS CLI UX: Clear any console & Semantic Versions
NODE.JS CLI UX: Welcome Header CLI introduction
NODE.JS CLI UX: Readme, keywords, author info, & license
NODE.JS CLI UX: Everything about CLI colors with chalk
NODE.JS CLI UX: Custom styled CLI alerts
NODE-MODULE PKG: Introduction: npm module pkg?
NODE-MODULE PKG: Architecture, files, & configuration
NODE-MODULE PKG: npm module dependencies
NODE-MODULE PKG: Coding a Node.js module
NODE-MODULE PKG: Testing npm node module
NODE-MODULE PKG: Refactoring node module
NODE-MODULE PKG: Testing npm node module Part 2
NODE-MODULE PKG: Refactoring node module name
NODE-MODULE PKG: Publishing your node-module
ERROR HANDLING: check the Node.js version
ERROR HANDLING: CLI handle the unhandled errors
ERROR HANDLING: Refactor (IIFE) Immediately Invoked Function Expression
ERROR HANDLING: Node process custom error handler
THEORY: Node.js Event loop (the right way)
THEORY: Node.js process & paths
THEORY: Node.js process.cwd() paths
THEORY: Node.js process.exit() strategy
THEORY: Node.js process.env info
THEORY: Node.js process.argv arguments
THEORY: Node.js process stdin stdout stderr
THEORY: Node.js parsing CLI arguments
FRAMEWORKS: Node.js CLI frameworks
CLI HELPER: Node.js CLI Refactor: flags, inputs, help
CLI HELPER: meow: Introduction, what & why?
CLI HELPER: meow: Creating help command
CLI HELPER: meow: CLI Refactor (production-ready)
CLI HELPER: meow: flags & aliases
CLI HELPER: meow: Help command
CLI HELPER: meow: CLI version printing
CLI HELPER: meow: Help command update
CLI HELPER: meow: Help command UX with colors
CLI HELPER: meow: CLI flags & Flag aliases
CLI HELPER: meow: CLI flag minimal output
CLI HELPER: meow: CLI flag controlled clear screen
CLI HELPER: meow: handle missing command
CLI HELPER: meow: an overview of the new CLI
DATA FETCHING: Fetching data in a Node.js CLI (node-fetch/axios)
DATA FETCHING: CLI data fetching errors handling
DATA FETCHING: User experience loading spinners
DATA FETCHING: CLI fetching latest blog posts
CLI I/O: How to take user input in a CLI with enquirer
CLI I/O: Tens of different enquirer prompts
CLI PROJECT: CLI Hello & Scopped Package
CLI PROJECT: CLI commands with child_process spawn
CLI PROJECT: CLI commands with child_process exec
CLI PROJECT: CLI commands with child_process exec p
CLI PROJECT: CLI commands with execa
CLI PROJECT: CLI commands with shelljs
CLI PROJECT: Automatically Generate CLI Help
CLI PROJECT: CLI Project Scaffolding / Boilerplates
CLI PROJECT: CLI Dynamic Template generation
PROD-READY: Create Node CLI Projects · ncli
PROD-READY: ncli · taking user input
PROD-READY: ncli · input refactor to ask.js module
PROD-READY: ncli · input refactor ask.js with questions
PROD-READY: ncli · output UX refactor with colors
PROD-READY: ncli · improve template with dynamic data
PROD-READY: ncli · template generation UX refactor
PROD-READY: ncli · graceful forced CLI cancellation
PROD-READY: ncli · optional command validation FTW
PROD-READY: ncli · fix potentially dangerous dir exists routine
PROD-READY: ncli · improve user experience, loading spinners
PROD-READY: ncli · persist in history to remember the last input
CLI PROJECT: CLI To do – manage project todos
CLI PROJECT: CLI to resize & optimize images
CLI PROJECT: CLI Quiz – Take a quiz
CLI PROJECT: CLI Survey – Fill a survey
CLI PROJECT: CLI to get WiFi Password
CLI PROJECT: CLI Remember-Me – persist config
CLI PROJECT: CLI Pre-configurable like Babel & prettier
CLI PROJECT: CLI Progress Estimation & Progress bars
CLI PROJECT: CLI Display Fun Figlet printing
CLI PROJECT: CLI Project Update Notification
CLI PROJECT: CLI Graphs & Charts, Hacker dashboards
CLI UPDATES: Check and update npm dependencies
DEBUGGING: VSCode breakpoints & logpoints for CLI debugging
UNIT TESTING: CLI unit testing
EXTRA: What are JavaScript template literals
EXTRA: FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) best practices