Node.js for Beginners – Become a Node.js Developer + Project

Node.js for Beginners – Become a Node.js Developer + Project
Node.js for Beginners – Become a Node.js Developer + Project
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Node.js for Beginners: learn everything you need to become a Node.js Developer with practical exercises & projects

I don’t know about you,but regular classes bore me, and that is why on this Node.js course we make it fun to learn LOTS of cool things. This course is meant for total beginners in the NodeJs world.

This is course is for you if

You are total beginner to NodeJs

You are looking for a better career

You are looking to UP your salary as developer

You have tried to learn NODE,js before and it was too hard – I make this EASY!

You are trying to get into the Angular World

You want to become a great Web Developer with a lot of success

You just need to make some serious income as developer

What is NODEjs or Node.js ?

First of all let me just say that Node.js is the most popular technology right now, and it’s REPO website is the biggest in the WORLD, now let’s begin……

Some of us call it Node.js, NODE, or just NodeJs but they all mean the same thing. NodeJs is a runtime to use JavaScript on servers. A runtime acts like a middle-man and in this case NodeJs is helping us use Javascript to handle system processes, files and even databases. NodeJs is written in C++ which is a powerful high level programming language that does LOTS of cool things.

My approach

I’m profesional but not boring

I’m a regular person just like you – your mentor, teacher!

I joke sometimes, so that you won’t fall asleep (I know how that is)

My teaching method are Unorthodox – look it up

My goal

On the contrary on why other people teach, I do it to help people succeed in life and also because I love teaching. I feel successful when my students become successful. Our goal is to teach as many people as possible and at the same time having a blast.

My promise to you

If you give me your time, I will make this learning experience something you will not forget. This course was created to change lives with all the knowledge included.

All your questions will be answered in a timely manner

I will not bore you

I will make it fun

You will get LOTS of knowledge from this course

What you’ll learn

  • To build Amazing NodeJS applications like the CMS we build here using Express, MongoDB and more
  • To deploy Nodejs Apps on the Cloud
  • To create Login and Registration system using NodeJS
  • To use Mongoose (ODM) – very similar to ORM
  • To create custom events
  • To import and export data
  • To use the Express FrameWork
  • To handle HTTP requests
  • To deal with Files
  • To use WebSockets – (Chat application)
  • To use PassportJS a module to login to Facebook, Twitter, Google and more
  • To use Template Engines like Handlebars
  • And LOTS more…….
Table of Contents

Introduction and first steps
1 Introduction
2 Exercise files
3 What is Node.js
4 Installing NODE.js in a MAC
5 Installing NODE.js in Windows

Core Fundamentals
6 IDE’s recommended to use
7 The Global object
8 The Process object
9 Readline
10 Custom Events
11 Module
12 Exporting
13 Child Processes

Core Fundamentals – Playing with the File System
14 Reading files
15 Writing files
16 Creating directories
17 Removing directories
18 Renaming directories

Core Fundamentals – HTTP – NPM and More
19 HTTP native Requests
20 Creating Web Servers
21 Serving files
22 HTTP and JSON data part 1
23 HTTP and JSON data part 2
24 HTTP & Post Data
25 Intro to NPM
27 Server Automation Module

The Express Framework
28 The Intro
29 Routes
30 Route Parameters
31 Middlewares
32 Submitting Post Data with Express

The exciting World of Websockets – Small Chat App
33 Intro and Connection
34 Sending Form Data
35 Broadcasting
36 Client Side Data Data Handling
37 Communication with all clients

Database – How to use MongoDB
38 Database intro
39 MongoDB Client – Updating
40 MongoDB Client Deleting
41 PostMan Installation
42 Installing MongoDB in Windows
43 Installing MongoDB in a MAC
44 Connecting to MongoDB using the MondoDB Client
45 Connecting to MongoDB using an ODM – Mongoose
46 Let’s learn some Database Vocabulary
47 MongoDB Client – Inserting Data
48 The ObjectID
49 MongoDB Client- Fetching

Database – How to use Mongoose – ODM
50 Mongoose – ODM – Setup
51 Fetching Data
52 Updating Data with PATCH
53 Updating Data with PUT
54 Deleting Data
55 Mongoose – creating a Model part 1
56 Mongoose – creating a Model part 2 – Data insertion and Validation
57 Mongoose – creating a Model part 3 – Using the Schema Object
58 Setting up Express
59 Creating Routes part 1
60 Creating Routes part 2 – saving raw data
61 Setting up our code to save POST data
62 Saving POST data

Login and Registration
63 Intro and Modules Downloads
64 Setting up Express Server and our Database
65 Creating our User Model
66 Registration part 1 – Creating our register route
67 Registration part 2 – Adding our Body Parser
68 Registration part 3- Saving the User
69 Registration part 4- Let’s Hash the Password
70 Login part 1 – Setting up the Login route
71 Login part 2 – Testing User Login

CMS Project Section
72 Project directories setup
73 Admin Setup part 3 – partials and links
74 Admin Setup part 4 – Javascript files
75 Initializing our server
76 Setting up Home page
77 Dynamic page content and getting styles to work
78 Including Partials
79 Creating our Login and Registration Views
80 Build home page views
81 Admin Setup part 1 – Loading and using routes
82 Admin Setup part 2 – Default layout

CMS Project Section – POSTS
83 Creating Post routes part 1
84 Reading data part 1 – Form creation
85 Reading Data part 2 – Reading data
86 Updating part 1
87 Updating part 2 – Displaying data back to the form
88 Updating part 3 – Handlebars function setup
89 Updating part 4 – Handlebars function finished
90 Updating part 5 – Method Override Module
91 Updating part 6 – Finally updating )
92 Deleting Posts
93 Dummy Data creation part 1 – setup
94 Let’s create a database connection
95 Dummy Data creation part 2 – Finished
96 Creating the form part 1
97 Creating the form part 1
98 Creating a Post Model part 1
99 Creating a Post Model part 2
100 Including body-parser and testing
101 Testing our Post model
102 Saving a Post

CMS Project – UPLOAD feature
103 Installing and setting up the Upload Module
104 Testing the FILES Object
105 Uploading a file
106 Creating a helper function to test Empty Objects
107 Inserting the file reference to the database
108 Modifying duplicate pictures to have different names
109 Displaying the uploaded pictures
110 Deleting the files images with the post

CMS Project – Form Validation
111 Validation part 1
112 Validation part 2
113 Model Validations – CATCH

CMS Project – Something about SESSIONS FLASH
114 Installing Module
115 Checking SESSION and displaying Flash messages
116 Session errors in partials
117 UPLOAD – update – editing files in post
118 Update and Delete Flash message
119 Cleaning up Nav links

CMS Project – Extra Feature Dates
120 Adding default Dates on Post Model
121 Installing Date Module and setup
122 Using a Handlebars function to format dates in Views

CMS Project – Front End POSTS
123 Home page dynamic data part 1 – Setup
124 Home page dynamic data part 2 – Displaying data
125 Creating a SINGLE post route part 1 -Setup
126 Creating a Single Post Route part 2 -Replacing Static with Dynamic data

CMS Project – Categories
127 Views routes and setup
128 Displaying Categories in Home Page
129 Adding a Select to the Edit Post View
130 Adding a Select to the Create Post View
131 Finishing up with Categories
132 Categories Index – Create Form
133 Categories Index – Display Form
134 Creating a category
135 Displaying Categories
136 Categories edit part -1 – Link
137 Categories edit part 2 – Edit View
138 Categories – Updating
139 Categories – Deleting

CMS Project – Authentication – Registration Section
140 Auth Intro
141 Creating our User Model
142 Adding our User to the Post route
143 Adding some Validation
144 Registering a User
145 Hashing User’s password with a module – part 1
146 Hashing User’s password with a module – part 2
147 Adding Flash notification for registration
148 User already exists feature

CMS Project – Authentication – Login Section
149 Moving Database Config and Post login route
150 Passport Module part 1 – Login route setup
151 Passport Module part 2 – testing
152 Passport Module part 3 – Verifying users
153 Passport Module part 3 – Logging in the Users
154 Displaying Logged-In User and Errors
155 Login out
156 Login out Modal
157 Protecting our Admin Routes

CMS Project – Comments
158 Model relationships
159 Deleting comment references in the Post documents
160 Hiding comments if not allowed
161 Displaying comments – FRONT-END
162 Populating users in comments
163 Populating user for posts
164 Creating a User specific page for Posts
165 Create route part 1 – form
166 Create route part 2 – creating comments
167 Setting up our Comment index
168 Displaying Comments
169 Displaying Comment Owner and formatting date
170 Deleting comments
171 Deleting Post with comments
172 Displaying only logged in user comments

CMS Project – Comments – AJAX Feature
173 Installing Bootstrap Buttons Plugin
174 Initializing our Button
175 Listening for the Change Event
176 Sending the AJAX request – Test
177 Getting Data
178 Finally Updating with AJAX
179 Adding some Notifications with this AWESOME JS Library
180 Displaying only approved comments
181 Adding Flash notification to comments

CMS Project – Admin Chart – Extra Features
182 Creating a chart on Admin
183 Displaying dynamic data on chart

CMS Project Extra Feature – Pretty URL’s
184 Downloading Package and setup part 1
185 Creating Slugs
186 Displaying Pretty URL’s

CMS Project Extra Features – Pagination
187 Creating handlebars helper function and testing
188 Route modification
189 Creating dynamic list items in Handlebars function part 1
190 Creating dynamic list items in Handlebars function part 2
191 Creating dynamic list items in Handlebars function part 3
192 Creating dynamic list items in Handlebars function part 4

Extra Features and Refactoring
193 Multiple queries in one GO – part 1
194 Multiple queries in one GO – part 2

Extra Features – Deployment
195 Signing up for Cloud Services
196 Creating our remote database
197 Connection to the database
198 Installing Heroku
199 Launching our App Online
200 Refactoring database connections
201 Adding a domain