Nginx Server from Beginning to Advanced (in Ubuntu & CentOS)

Nginx Server from Beginning to Advanced (in Ubuntu & CentOS)
Nginx Server from Beginning to Advanced (in Ubuntu & CentOS)
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A Complete guide to the High Performance Web Server, Load Balancer & Reverse Proxy

Learn Nginx as a Beginner, Exit out as an Expert. In this video tutorial series, I have explained and demonstrated everything of the Nginx Server from Basics to very Advanced, that you need to know, in order to become an expert System Administrator and DevOps Engineer.

This tutorial will help you managing Nginx Server from very basics to Advanced level. In the beginning sections of the course, you will be installing Nginx server through different and all the possible approaches on different distributions of Linux such as Ubuntu and CentOS.

Then we move on to configuring Nginx as High Performance Web Server. Here you will know Installing & Configuring PHP processing, installing MySQL Server and securing it.

After the configuration section, you will learn to configure Domain Names to the websites hosted on the Nginx Web Server. Securing HTTP traffic from and to the Nginx Server with Let’s Encrypt is an important part, which I have demonstrated in a very easy, clear and understanding way.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn about Nginx and it’s features over Apache
  • Install Nginx High Performance Server in different ways in different Linux Distros (i.e. Ubuntu & CentOs)
  • Install & Configure WordPress with LEMP Stack
  • Secure Nginx Server sites with Let’s Encrypt
  • Hosting multiple sites within a Nginx Server
  • Configure Nginx as a Web Server and Reverse Proxy Ubuntu 18.04 Server
  • Configure Domain Names & SSL in a Web Server
  • Install & Run WordPress on Nginx
  • Work as a freelancer in Freelancer, Upwork, Guru, Fiverr and other freelancing websites
Table of Contents

1 Introduction

Virtual Private Server (VPS)
2 Set up VPS Subscription
3 Create a VPS and Access it

Different Ways of Installing Nginx on Ubuntu 18.x & CentOs 7.5
4 Install Nginx with Package Manger in Ubuntu
5 Install Nginx with Package Manager in CentOS
6 Building Nginx from Source in Ubuntu
7 Building Nginx from Source in CentOS

Configure Nginx to High Performance Web Server
8 Configure NGINX sevice to Manage with Systemd
9 Understanding Nginx configuration contexts
10 Create a virtual host and host a demo website
11 Host multiple sites within a Nginx Web Server
12 Understanding Location Block with its Modifiers
13 Install PHP, configure PHP processing and troubleshoot 502 Bad Gateway
14 Install and Secure MySQL Server

Nginx Web server sites to Domain Names
15 Get a less than $1 Domain Name
16 Configure Name Servers in Domain Registrar’s CP
17 Understanding and Configuring a Floating IP
18 Configure DNS Zone Records
19 Configure Server Name in Nginx

Secure Nginx with Let’s Encrypt
20 Install Let’s Encrypt SSL and Configure for HTTPS
21 Renew SSL Certificate to be valid for 1 year

22 Install PhpMyAdmin and Link it to a Website
23 Minimize vulnerability in PhpMyAdmin
24 Apply Extra Layer of Security in PhpMyAdmin

Install & Configure WordPress sites in the Nginx Web Server
25 Create a Database, User Account and Grant Privileges
26 PHP Extensions for WordPress and Modify Location Block in Nginx
27 Install, Configure and Test WordPress on Nginx
28 Completing WordPress Installation and Configuration