Networking Foundations: Networking Basics

Networking Foundations: Networking Basics

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When someone begins to study networking, they’re challenged with knowing where to start. This is due to the wide spectrum of technologies falling under the umbrella of networking. This course provides an overview of the foundational topics any networking professional should know, as well as an introduction to emerging technologies. Instructor Kevin Wallace delves into the purpose of networks, as well as how networking technologies benefit us in both our personal and business lives. He covers network addresses, including the structures of Internet Protocol (IP) version 4 and version 6 addresses. Plus, learn about switches, routers, fiber-optic cabling, and other essential pieces and parts that make networks work; the OSI model; common network services; wireless networks; and more.

+ Table of Contents

1 Welcome to the network

A Networks Purpose in Life
2 A high-level look at a network
3 Benefits of a network
4 How youre using networking every day

Network Addresses
5 MAC addresses
6 IP version 4 addresses
7 IP version 6 addresses

Pieces and Parts of a Network
8 Network interface cards
9 Switches
10 Routers
11 Wireless access points
12 Copper cabling
13 Fiber-optic cabling

The OSI Model
14 Learning the seven layers
15 Comparison to the TCP IP model
16 Common protocols to know

Network Services
17 DHCP overview
18 DNS overview
19 NAT overview
20 NTP overview
21 QoS overview

Wireless Networks
22 Types of wireless LANs
23 GHz vs. 5 GHz wireless networking
24 Wireless network antenna types

Emerging Trends in Networking
25 Software-defined networking (SDN)
26 Virtualization
27 Cloud technologies
28 G and Wi-Fi 6

29 Keep networking