NativeScript Vue Pro

NativeScript Vue Pro
NativeScript Vue Pro
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This course is an advanced course that covers everything from iOS and Android application lifecycle control to testing, transpiling, and deploying your applications. This is a NativeScript-Vue course so we’re using Webpack with a compilation step, transpiling TypeScript and SASS.

This course will help you become and expert in cross-platform mobile app development by mastering the advanced topics in NativeScript-Vue. You will use a practical approach to the advanced topics by building an end-to-end mobile application, solving a real-world problem at an enterprise level.

You will begin with covering the important features of NativeScript that you might not be aware of, which can make your work easier. Then we’ll cover advanced topics like the core concepts, user interface, plugins, templates, performance optimisations, framework modules, etc. You will also learn unit testing, debugging along with advanced CLI workings. And of course, we’ll cover deployment to app stores.

We’ll go into some best practices as well as troubleshooting techniques that will be useful. By the end of the course, you will have upgraded your skills by mastering the advanced topics in NativeScript and will have a skilled advantage to grow in your career.

Table of Contents

Welcome Message
Course Overview
Using the Exercise Files
About Versions
What We’re Building
Two Ways to Scaffold New NativeScript Vue Projects
Project Dependencies (10:29)
Keeping a Clean Workspace
Useful Editor Extensions
Debugging in VS Code
Debugging in Chrome
Vue Devtools
Code Formatting
TypeScript Strict Levels
Native Platform Declarations
Configuring Linting
Setting Up the Server
Consuming the API
Running the Completed Backend
Components Overview
Registering Global Components
Props and Gotchas
Communicating from Child to Parent
Gesture Events
Refs and NativeView
Lifecycle Gotchas
v-if vs v-show
Loops vs ListView
Exercise 1: Animation Directive
Exercise 2: Shadow Directive
The Extend Function
Component Members with Generics
Extending a Mixin
Component and Mixin Compatibility
Code Components
Single File Components
Code Files
Bootstrap Root
Application Configuration
Dynamic Configuration
NativeScript Application Events
iOS and Android Application Events
MVVM Pattern Components
Applying MVVM in NativeScript-Vue
Login Page View and ViewModel
Clean Architecture Intro
Clean Core
Clean Infrastructure
Adding Storage Dependencies
Adding Logging Dependencies
App State
App State Service
Backlog State
Expanding the State
Basic Navigation
Navigation Options
Navigation Service
Using the Navigation Service
Logged-in State Gotcha
Navigating to Logged-in Page
Navigation Props
Route Stack
Navigating Back
Navigation Frame
Routing Using the Navigator – with Igor Randjelovic
Installing the Side Drawer
Implementation Plan and Drawer Anatomy
Encapsulating the Drawer Parts
Dynamic Slot Content
Exposing the Drawer to Pages
Drawer Content
Sidedrawer Mixin
Prevent Drawer Edge Swipe
Custom Floating Action Button
Custom Tabbed Interface
Lazy Custom Tab Content
Dataform Basics
Managing Form State
Commit Mode and Property Change Event
Property Editor Attributes
Editor Declaration
Values Provider
Editor Styling
Property Validation
Encapsulating the Data Form
Native Modal Dialog Basics
Returning Data from a Modal
Modal Dialog Options
Modal Navigation Hierarchy
Add New Item Modal UI
Saving Modal Data
Open Generic List Modal From Modal
Reusing Generic List Modal Component
Dashboard Updates
Getting Started with Chart
Chart Series
Categorical Axis
Vertical Axis
Chart Styling
Chart Interaction
Setting up i18n
Translation Workflow
Device Language
Handling Locales
Trace Basics
Trace Custom Categories
Custom TraceWriter
Trace Message Types
Error Reporting Infrastructure
Reporting Trace Errors
Custom Error Handler
Handling Exceptions in Production
Lazy Service Locator Pattern for Error Services
Handled and Unhandled Exceptions
Disable Native Exception Propagation
Third Party Crash Reporting and Analytics
Installing Testing Dependencies
Writing Our First Test
TypeScript Configuration
Mocking NativeScript Modules
Testing API Access Logic
Intercepting and Mocking Fetch Calls