Nail Your DevOps Interview

Nail Your DevOps Interview
Nail Your DevOps Interview
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DevOps engineers are in high demand, but the barriers to entering the field can be intimidating. DevOps roles require an intermediate to advanced knowledge of a wide set of tools and skills, from security to cloud services. If you’ve lined up an interview for a DevOps position, then you need to be able to showcase your mastery of these essential concepts. In this course, Michael Jenkins shares tips for answering common interview questions accurately and concisely—and, in turn, proving why you’re the best candidate for the job. Michael covers general interview preparation; common DevOps skills you should know or become familiar with; cloud services (and why they’re important); and business practices that are common to DevOps roles.

Topics include:

  • Preparing for an interview
  • Methods for answering questions
  • Acing DevOps business practice questions
  • Common DevOps skills
  • Answering questions about cloud services and databases
  • Asking questions during your interview
  • Following up after an interview
Table of Contents

1 Transform your career in DevOps
2 What you should know
3 DevOps vs. SRE vs. Automation Engineer
4 Preparing for the interview
5 Researching the opportunity
6 Getting DevOps experience
7 Certifications
8 Methods for answering questions
9 Defining DevOps
10 The DevOps lifecycle
11 Lean vs. Agile vs. DevOps
12 CI CD
13 Configuration management
14 Monitoring and alerting
15 Testing
16 Challenge CI CD
17 Solution CI CD
18 Operating systems
19 Command line tools
20 Scripting and programming
21 Software version control
22 Troubleshooting
23 Incident management
24 Security
25 Cloud services and their benefits
26 Architecting cloud solutions
27 Infrastructure as code
28 Web servers
29 Databases
30 Containers
31 Challenge Diagramming web architecture
32 Solution Diagramming web architecture
33 Asking questions
34 Following up
35 Next Steps