MongoDB for Java Developers – Project Based

MongoDB for Java Developers – Project Based
MongoDB for Java Developers – Project Based
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A comprehensive project based course on MongoDB for Java developers

Last update 8th Oct

MonogDB is one of the most popular NoSQL database and Java is the most used, popular and reliable programming and when both used together they compliment each other to provide unbeatable performance and speed.

We will start with basics of MongoDB and then we go on learning advance concepts to build MongoDB based Java Applications using MongoDB drivers for Java. We will also use Maven as the build tool.

In this course, we start by learning basic concepts of MongoDB, MongoDB installation process on different operating systems, creating databases, Collections, CRUD operations using Java and at last we be will building a Web Application using Java/J2EE and MongoDB which includes user creation, editing/upating user, deleting users etc.

You can use the exercise files attached along this course to practice and follow along the each section/chapter. There will be short quizzes after each section to test our understanding and also to revise the concepts.

At the end of this course you will be mastering MongoDB based application development in Java/J2EE.

Table of Contents

1 Introdcution

Introduction to MongoDB Installation
2 Why MongoDB What is MongoDB
3 Installing MongoDB Latest Version 3.2.9 on Windows 10
4 Installing MongoDB Latest Version 3.2.9 on Ubuntu 16.04
5 Instructions – Installing MongoDB on Ubuntu 16.04.html

Basics of MongoDB
6 Creating First Database Collection in MongoDB
7 Inserting multiple documents in Collection
8 Querying in MongoDB
9 Updating Deleting Documents
10 Limit Skip

Accessing MongoDB with Java
11 Introduction
12 Downloading Installing STSEclipse
13 Creating Maven Project Adding dependencies for MongoDB-Java Driver
14 Connecting to MongoDB with Java
15 What Next…

Project – User Management System Using MongoDB Java JSP JSTL
16 Project Introduction
17 Creating Dynamic Web Project Converting to Maven Project
18 Project Configurations -Deployment Descriptor web.xml
19 Project Configurations – Adding Maven Dependencies pom.xml
20 Creating Project Structure Folders
21 Writing JSP File Part 1
22 Writing JSP Part 2
23 Writing CSS
24 Writing Listener class Understanding Listener in Servlet – Part 1
25 Writing Listener class Understanding Listener in Servlet – Part 2
26 Adding Add User form in JSP and CSS for formatting the form
27 Writing Model class
28 Writng Action URL
29 Writing AddUser Servlet
30 Understanding Servlet
31 Writing Field Validation Logic in Servlet
32 Writing Field validation logic in JSP