Modules in JavaScript

Modules in JavaScript
Modules in JavaScript
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Take a deep dive into modules in JavaScript and ES2015 and learn what they are as well as how to work with them. Includes coverage of CommonJS, module importing and exporting, and transpilers such as Babel and TypeScript.

Table of Contents

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:29 Overview
00:11:56 CommonJS Modules
00:14:34 Exploring CommonJS Modules (Demo)
00:23:55 ES2015 Modules
00:30:14 ES2015 Modules with Rollup (Demo)
00:34:40 Named Exporting and Importing
00:37:10 Named Importing and Exporting Deep Dive (Demo)
00:46:48 Default Exports and Imports
00:49:39 Using Default Exports and Imports (Demo)
00:52:30 ES2015 Modules with Babel
00:56:06 ES2015 Modules with Babel (Demo)
01:00:02 ES2015 Modules with TypeScript
01:02:14 ES2015 Modules with TypeScript (Demo)
01:04:33 ES2015 Modules with Webpack
01:08:35 ES2015 Modules with Webpack (Demo)
01:14:43 Conclusion